About Us

The Emory University Breast Imaging Division is composed of dedicated breast faculty and breast imaging fellows, who work together to accomplish the academic tri-partite mission of research, education and clinical excellence. Clinical education is centered on the daily care of patients delivered at our three dedicated breast centers: the Winship Glenn Family Breast Imaging Center on the main Emory University campus, the Emory Midtown Hospital and Grady Memorial Hospital. While the centers are standardized with respect to diagnosis and treatment, each presents a different patient and referring physician mix that, taken together, provide a broad spectrum of education and a rich and effective experience. Weekly breast conferences combining didactic material with patient-specific discussions occur at each facility. Additionally, interaction with breast surgeons, breast pathologists, radiation oncologists, plastic surgeons, and medical oncologists occurs on a daily basis and further enhances the precepts of multidisciplinary patient management and team practice. Under the guidance of Dr. Carl D’Orsi, there is an active breast research program with recent projects including breast digital tomosynthesis, stereoscopic breast imaging, and modality comparison for optimum imaging in the setting of neoadjuvent chemotherapy. All breast imaging faculty are engaged in clinical research and welcome the opportunity to share their projects and experience with medical students, residents, and fellows. This division is also active within the community, presenting information at various locations to facilitate education and awareness.



Highlights and Accomplishments

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