Stories of Service

Hispanic Health Care in Resource Limited Environments Elective

This elective is offered in collaboration with faculty in the Department of Family & Preventice Medicine, Gynecology/Obstetrics, Pediatrics and the SOM Physician Assistant (PA) program. The purpose of this elective is to expose SOM and PA students to the challenges of providing health care to Hispanic patients, especially in a resource-poor environment.

Reshaping Health Care: Physician Assistants to the Forefront

With intense, hands-on student training and a distinctive emphasis on providing culturally sensitive care to medically underserved communities, Emory is at the forefront of preparing PA students for an increasingly demanding and complex world.

Preventive Care for Atlantans in Need

Fed up with treating advanced conditions that could have been caught earlier, Dr. Charles Moore decided to bring preventive care straight to the people who need it most. He packed his car with supplies and drove to bus stops, homeless shelters, and church groups in the neediest West Atlanta neighborhoods to bridge a critical gap in medical care.

Five Years After Graduating, Lucia Rodriguez Still a Staple on Emory Service Learning Trips

She could have gone anywhere for physical therapy school. But when she learned that Emory’s Doctor of Physical Therapy program offered students the opportunity to do international service learning projects, her choice was easy.

Poetic Service: Taking Medicine to the Fields of South Georgia

About an hour's drive south of Moultrie, GA, the program led by the Physician Assistant Program in the School of Medicine provides free health care to migrant workers at outdoor clinics on farms in and around Valdosta and Bainbridge.

Answering the Call When Disaster Strikes

Federal officials often call on Emory faculty physicians and researchers to volunteer during public health crises and in the aftermath of natural disasters. In 2017, faculty members recently provided emergency medical evaluations and assistance to patients evacuated from Caribbean nations after a hurricane devastated the islands.

Emory Healthcare equipment finds new life at Clarkston Community Health Center

"This has made such a difference in the level of care we're able to provide patients as well as the education we're able to offer the students," said optometrist Fulya Anderson after receiving new equipment that allowed the Clarkston Center to preform better eye exams for the community.

Emory MD students get hands-on experience with licensed professionals while also serving citizens of Atlanta. "The ongoing commitment of many medical students and faculty to community engagement led to the creation and success of this curriculum," says course director Mary Jo Lechowicz, professor of hematology and medical oncology, who adds that they are moving away from terms like "volunteerism"  and "service," which suggest a one-way street. "The clinic experience, like many others for students, is bi-directional."