We support our researchers with resources to help them conduct studies, communicate the significance of their findings, and speed the application of discoveries.

Our core facilities provide access to technologies, equipment, and support services to help researchers manage and interpret data, as well as a network of resources at partnering institutions.

Our centers operate some of the most respected programs in the world for translational, clinical, and scientific research, with specialty areas in medicine's fastest-growing fields.

Our research training programs are preparing investigators for the next life-saving discovery.

I am an Emory Researcher Meet Zanthia Wiley, MD Assistant Professor, Infectious Diseases

For Emory researcher and infectious diseases physician Zanthia Wiley, the fight against COVID-19 health disparities is deeply personal.

The Latest in Emory Research

CNN named Emory University ethnobotanist Cassandra Quave one of its Champions for Change for 2024. The CNN primetime special, airing tomorrow at 9 p.m., features footage of Quave and her students gathering plants in south Georgia and in her labs on the Emory campus.

Following traumatic experiences, many individuals demonstrate remarkable resilience, recovering their mental and behavioral well-being without external intervention.

Emory disease ecologists show how deforestation in Costa Rica has disrupted natural systems, leading to outbreaks of rabies in cattle caused by the bite of vampire bats.

Research by the Numbers

$700.1 million in 2023 sponsored research funding awards

We're best known for our work in infectious disease, brain health, cancer, transplantation, orthopedics, pediatrics, renal disease, ophthalmology, and geriatrics.

17th in NIH funding nationally

Our investigators consistently compete with the top research institutes in the nation for National Institutes of Health awards.

138 start-ups from Emory technologies

Discoveries made by our researchers attract funding, generate new products that improve lives, and create jobs that support the economy.

2,459 current clinical trials

We're constantly pioneering new lifesaving medicines, medical devices, and treatment protocols, with more clinical trials than any other institution in Georgia.