Serving the many cultural and ethnic groups in the Atlanta Metro area helps us tailor our practices, facilities, and training programs to meet the future needs of patient populations everywhere.

Emory School of Medicine is a key part of Atlanta's health care hub, which enables us to tackle global health issues while also serving patients right here at home.

This team creates accurate visual teaching materials using the latest digital technology, including iPad apps, 3-D animations, iBooks, and web resources to innovate patient care.

Our physician faculty provide life-saving treatment and expert clinical training across a broad range of patient care settings.

Reimagining Medicine Clinical and Translational Research Centers

Our translational centers bring researchers and clinicians together, where they can focus on getting the latest discoveries out of the lab and into the hands of practicing physicians. These are epicenters of medical innovation that open up opportunities for unprecedented exchange. New insights, therapies, and technologies make a direct impact on patients' lives, and the real-world experiences of the clinic inform future treatments and cures.