We help our faculty enjoy career success by developing relational and technical skills needed in teaching, clinical practice, and research. We offer courses, conferences, and programs that help you grow through networking, research support, building teaching skills, career advising, and other forms of continuing education.

To provide the highest level of care, we need a team as diverse as our patient population. We're pursuing meaningful diversity through recruiting and retaining people from different backgrounds, cultivating an inclusive workplace climate, and offering engagement and development programs that positively impact the whole community.

Our clinical experience is one of the most exciting parts of working at Emory. We see rare and complex cases, from children through veterans and underserved populations. We quickly transfer research knowledge to patients in our translational clinics. And we actively support collaboration.

2019 SOM Educator Appreciation Day

The annual Educator Appreciation Day is a special acknowledgement for Emory faculty who lend their passion and skills to educate, encourage, and support scholars and learners across the university. Their work extends beyond the classroom and into the community impacting generation after generation.

Faculty Snapshot


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Supporting Our People

Medicine is a demanding field, where over half of physicians experience symptoms of burnout. We're making moves to change that, with a range of support services like counseling, educational workshops, and community safety protocols to help our faculty heal themselves as well as patients.

Faculty in the News

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