2020 Senior Awards

Eldon Langston Bolton, MD Service Award Zachary West and Taryn Degrazia

The award was established in 1990 in honor of Dr. Eldon Bolton. He graduated from Emory School of Medicine in 1932 and went on to practice medicine in Biloxi, Mississippi for more than 50 years. The Bolton Service Award honors a senior medical student who has exhibited outstanding service within and beyond the Emory University community.

Outstanding Achievement in Basic Science Award Amanda Mener

The award is given to a graduating senior who, in the opinion of a committee of faculty, has excelled in the overall study a of the basic sciences throughout his or her medical school career. This year this award is given to a student who has done outstanding work during both the MD and PhD portions of the curriculum.

Burt and Betty Schear Book Award Eli Mlaver

This award provides an opportunity to recognize a special student who has the spark, the common sense, and the insight to make a difference. The prize is a coffee table book of photographs illustrating a holistic view of the Earth. The bookplate reads: “For the student most likely to make a uniquely positive mark on his or her universe.”

Evangeline T. Papageorge Student Award Peyton Hanson

The award was established to honor the late Dr. Evangeline Papageorge, a very beloved Dean of Students in the School for many years. This award is given to the senior student who is voted by the class as having contributed the most to the betterment of the class over the four years.

Dean's Award Miah Davis

The award was established to honor a student within a graduating class who has done an outstanding job of achieving academic excellence and of exhibiting exceptional performance and dedication as a medical student during their course of study for the MD degree.

2018-2019 House Staff Organization Professionalism Excellence (HOPE) Award

The HOPE Award was created in 2011 to honor our Emory residents and fellows who demonstrate exceptional professionalism in working with patients and colleagues. The goal of this annual award is to recognize those Emory residents and fellows who excel in collaborating with colleagues across different departments. These are the people you particularly enjoy working with and find extremely helpful when caring for your patients.

Overall Winner Spencer K Hutto (Neurology)

Primary Care 1 (Tie)

Isabel Malone (Emergency Medicine)
Brandon Elliot Giberson (Emergency Medicine)

Primary Care 2 (Tie)

Caitlin Roberson Anderson (Internal Medicine)
Amalia Aldredge (Internal Medicine)

Surgery Nealen Gordon Laxpati (Neurosurgery)

Specialties Denise Fay Chen (Neurology)

Fellows Alfonso Claudio Hernandez (Infectious Diseases)

2019 Alumni Awards

Award of Honor Omar Lattouf, MD PhD 74C 77G 80M 85MR 88MR

The award is conferred upon a medical alumna/alumnus who has demonstrated distinguished service to the Medical Alumni Association, to the Emory School of Medicine, to Emory University, or to the profession of medicine.


Distinguished Medical Achievement Award Valerie Montgomery Rice, MD 90MR 91MR

The award is conferred upon an individual who has achieved distinction in research, teaching, medical practice, or administration in an academic or public institution.

Arnall Patz Lifetime Achievement Award Robert Guyton, MD

The award honors distinguished alumni from the Emory School of Medicine who display extraordinary leadership and accomplishment in the field of medicine at the national or international level.

Distinction in Community Service Award Robert K. Shuler, Sr., MD 60M 61MR

The award honors dedication to providing medical care to underserved communities.

Emory Women of Excellence Awards Outstanding Alumnae of the Year Nanette Wenger, MD

Celebrating women who have demonstrated extraordinary dedication to issues that affect women at Emory or in the larger community

Emory Medal Kenneth Walker, MD

The Emory Alumni Association awarded a 2018 Emory Medal to Dr. Kenneth Walker 56Ox 58C 63M, who had passed away a week earlier at age 81. The award, the highest alumni honor, was to recognize his untiring service to Emory and the global health community. For the better part of a century Dr. Walker made deep impacts on both the campus and the global community.