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Help us capture and tell the Diversity and Inclusion Week story! This annual event is a key milestone in the life of the School of Medicine which deserves documenting and celebrating.

Please use #EmoryMedDEI and #PracticesNotPromises on any social media post and tag @EmoryMedicine. Follow the hashtag to view our community's experiences!

Two women stand in front of a poster and write on it
Four women stand in a row eating popsicles and smiling
Man stands behind popsicle cart and hands another man a popsicle
Sign-in table filled with buttons, fans, sweat bands, tickets and more
Three women smiling together
Food truck with people standing in line
Group of students on steps eating together
Traditional Chinese dancers wearing colorful blue and orange outfits
Two women sit together on a bench
Traditional Chinese dancers wearing red outfits
Three people stand in front of a screen with the Diversity and Inclusion Week logo
Student artists smiles in front of her art while someone else takes a picture of her on a phone
Four women walk down a hallway together looking at displayed art
Hand holds clay piece of art in their palm
Four people smile and stand in front of a piece of art hung on the wall