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Pediatric Endocrinology Sobha P. Fritz, PhD Assistant Professor of Pediatrics

Growing up as a first-generation American born in the United States, I learned to appreciate my South Indian heritage while embracing my American ideals. As a child, I watched my dad balance family life with the rigorous professional demands of being a full professor in the School of Medicine. My mother showed me how to incorporate traditional South Indian values while pursuing her career goals and findings time to enjoy her passions for gardening, cooking, sewing, entertaining, and painting. As I watched my mother and father grow professionally, I carefully observed how they took care of those around them. My parents taught my sisters and me that caring for others in our community not only shapes who you are as an individual but also helps foster a sense of community.

My Asian American heritage led me to pursue a career as a pediatric psychologist, which emphasizes the importance of the family structure while caring compassionately for others. Battling stereotypes as an Asian American impacted my personal and professional life. Thus, I sought out opportunities to work within the Department of Psychiatry - Diversity and Inclusion Subcommittee, the Department of Pediatrics - Diversity and Inclusion Committee, and the Anti-Racism Training Subgroup for the Society of Pediatrics Psychology. I was able to give back by volunteering my professional skills regarding the COVID-19 and racism pandemics. I continue to proudly carry my family's South Indian customs by teaching my children about festivals and holidays, like Diwali by decorating our home with Rangoli and diyas, cooking traditional dishes like biriyani (a flavorful rice dish) and making peda (an Indian sweet often made during holidays an celebrations), and sharing the beauty of my culture with friends and family. 

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