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We take advantage of the most novel technology and methods, but also advance the field by our own research, innovation and education of our trainees. All of our physicians are board certified in nuclear medicine and/or nuclear radiology, and some are also board certified in related disciplines such as diagnostic radiology. Our faculty have national and international reputations.

What We Believe: We believe in excellence and striving to set the highest bar locally, regionally and nationally in clinical service, research and education. We believe that we are physicians first and last. We do not rest solely at interpreting images or administering a radiotherapeutic agent, but integrate our expertise holistically to ensure each patient receives personalized diagnosis and therapy. We take primary responsibility for therapeutic decisions in collaboration with our colleagues and see each patient in consult before therapy. We believe in discovery, which drives us forward to innovate but also to incorporate the innovation of others. We believe in training the next generation of nuclear medicine physicians to think of themselves as patients’ doctors and doctors’ doctors. We understand that there are many paths to arrive at the practice of nuclear medicine and molecular imaging and therapy, and that no one path produces a physician that is eminently qualified over another to practice in this discipline. Therefore, we value the contributions and insights of those who have arrived at our field via specific training in nuclear medicine, nuclear radiology, nuclear cardiology and related disciplines, and are centrally involved in creating the most robust training programs for the bright future of nuclear medicine and molecular imaging and therapy.

What We Offer: We provide a wide variety of specialized nuclear medicine diagnostics and therapies including hybrid imaging technology such as PET/CT and SPECT/CT and multimodality coregistration and analysis on advanced workstations. We are experts in advanced cardiac modalities such as SPECT and PET perfusion, viability and sarcoid imaging. We offer radiotherapeutics for thyroid cancer and other thyroid diseases, neuroendocrine tumors, metastatic bone cancer therapy and pain palliation, lymphoma and Y-90 microsphere liver therapy in cooperation with our colleagues in Interventional Radiology and Image Guided Medicine. Research devices at our disposal include not only all of our clinical scanners but also a high-resolution brain PET device, micro-PET/CT for animal research and a research cyclotron and radiopharmacy. A full range of nuclear medicine and PET/CT services are provided either on-site or remotely at Emory University Hospital (Clifton campus), Emory University Hospital Midtown, Emory Saint Joseph’s Hospital, Emory Johns Creek Hospital, Grady Health System and the Atlanta VA Medical Center. The division is integrally involved in research and education as well as close collaboration with all our Emory colleagues, especially those in our other Radiology divisions, Cardiology and the Emory Winship Cancer Institute, an NCI-designated Comprehensive Cancer Center. Our faculty are principal investigators and co-investigators on many research grants including those sponsored by the NIH. We support a dedicated nuclear medicine residency, nuclear radiology and PET fellowships and an innovative combined nuclear medicine – radiology Molecular Imaging in Medicine training program. We are also actively engaged in global outreach to both educate and learn from our colleagues worldwide.


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