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Percutaneous Cryovagotomy for the management of mild - moderate obesity

J. David Prologo, MD, FSIR, ABOM-D is a dual board certified Interventional Radiologist and Obesity Medicine Specialist. Dr. Prologo is currently based in the Emory University School of Medicine, where he performs research investigating new ways to manage difficult medical conditions, primarily related to pain and obesity.

Outside of Emory and medical interventions, Dr. Prologo has uncovered more than 20 variables that lead to “diet quitting,” and developed maneuvers for bypassing them. “We can quiet the body’s survival response. Without our help, most dieters succumb to survival signals from the brain to seek food and be sedentary. With our help, folks can stay the course without feeling miserable, hungry, or anxious.”

Dr. Prologo created the widely acclaimed capacity curve to define a “catching point,” beyond which dieting and exercise are no longer difficult for folks. The catching point has been shown to correspond to a certain amount of exercise capacity, 210 met-minutes to be exact. “We get people to a new place. A place from which they can be successful when they start a new diet or exercise program. Beyond the catching point – all of this is easy.”

Thank you for your interest in possibly partaking in a future percutaneous cryovagotomy for the management of mild – moderate obesity study in the Division of Interventional Radiology at Emory. Although, we are not actively recruiting at this time, we hope to open a screening for a new study very soon. We are compiling a list of interested parties. If you choose to enter your contact information below, we will reach out to you as soon as the next study is open, which we hope will be early 2019.

We will not use this information for any other purpose than to contact you regarding only this study (Percutaneous cryovagotomy for the management of mild – moderate obesity).

Thank you.

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