Your Fantastic Mind Making of a Brain Surgeon

The road to becoming a brain surgeon, or neurosurgeon, is widely known as the most difficult and longest in all of medicine. We follow four of our residents as they begin the road to becoming a brain surgeon.

School of Medicine News

A study led by Winship Cancer Institute of Emory University offers new insight into what causes resistance to the non-small cell lung cancer medication osimertinib that may prove valuable in developing more effective therapies.

Doctors at Emory Saint Joseph’s Hospital are the first in Georgia to combine a state-of-the-art mobile 3D imaging system with a robotic-assisted bronchoscopy to diagnose lung cancers earlier and less invasively.

Epidemiologist Jodie Guest and David Holland, associate professor of medicine at Emory and chief clinical officer of the Fulton County Board of Health, answer questions about responding to the monkeypox outbreak without creating stigma.


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