Emory Medicine Magazine Long COVID: 'Will we get better?'

Long COVID is an unwelcome guest that may steal your energy, sleep, ability to work or take care of family responsibilities, sense of well-being - even your life. Three physician faculty members and a panel of people with long COVID symptoms came together to explore what's on the horizon for patients.

School of Medicine News

Emory University will host the 6th Annual Women’s Sports and Wellness Conference on Saturday, Aug. 10. Expert speakers will address current topics related to the health and wellness of female athletes of all levels and generations.

The novel hepatitis C test will enable a person to be tested, and if positive for HCV, quickly connect to care and potentially begin life-saving treatment, all in a singular visit.

Three structural biologists, recognized for their groundbreaking research and new insights into the immune system, are the first recipients of the Max Cooper Prize in Immunology. The prize is named for the renowned immunologist at Emory.


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