Department of Ophthalmology

Reminders for all Emory Eye Center patients

Emory Eye Center patients enjoy the convenience of a nearly paperless registration process, thanks to My-Chart, our online chart system. A lot of your health information will be put into your My-Chart account when you call for your first visit. And it will be available, there, for you to view any time you like.

But there are a few items that you (and all patients) should consider bringing, including:

  • Your insurance card or proof of insurance.  
    It's also a good idea to check to see what your insurance covers prior to your visit

  • Your driver’s license or state-issued identification.
    We ask this to protect you (and us) from insurance fraud. 
  • Your eyeglasses and a list of any prescriptions you are already taking.
  • Any paperwork that better describes your health needs.
    If you have any physician's notes, lab reports, x-rays, or medical records in your possession, these are worth bringing to your appointment. 
  • A list of questions you have had regarding your vision health. 
    We want you to leave your appointment with all questions addressed. 
  • A link to the driving directions/parking regulations for the clinic you are visiting
    There are a number of Emory Eye Center clinics dotting the Greater Atlanta area. Double-check the location of your appointment before you leave. 

Additional Instructions