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Family Medicine Interest Group (FMIG)

The FMIG is a student-run group, which sponsors activities for the medical students in conjunction with the Department of Family and Preventive Medicine and the national FMIG organization. They have planned programs of activities including education forums, dinners, workshops, and outreach. Many students use these alliances to find mentors and to shadow physicians in their office. The participating students learn not only about careers in family medicine but also about the medical profession in general. Learn more from the following resources:

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Photo: Student Activity Fair
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Get Involved

As a student, there are many ways to get involved both locally and at the state, national and international levels. 

Many of our faculty are passionate about sharing their skills and talents to give back to needed communities both here and abroad. Volunteering as a medical student in one or more of these activities is a great opportunity to interact with Family Medicine faculty and residents, allow for interdisciplinary teamwork all the while giving back to populations most at need.

Photo: Georgia Farmworker project


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