PA Program Open House

***Due to COVID-19, we are offering a streaming Zoom Meeting Open House online from 3- 5 pm on March 27, 2020.

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We hope to record the session and have it available for viewing after the session.***

Emory University School of Medicine Physician Assistant program invites you to join us online to learn more about Admissions and the application process, curriculum, the student experience, and much more during our virtual Open House. 

Future PA

Class of 2022 Demographic Data

Gender, age and diversity

# of students: 54
Male: 15%
Female: 85%
Average age: 25.8 (22 - 41)
Diversity URM: 39%
Veterans: 4%

Prior Advanced Degrees

Advanced Degrees (Masters or PhD): 22%
Dual Degree MPH-PA: 4

GPA and GRE scores

Cumulative: 3.67
Science: 3.69

Verbal: 155
Quant: 153
Analytical: 4.3

Experience and volunteer hours

Health Care Experience: 5,500 hours (Range - 2020 -20,610)
Humanitarian volunteer hours: 1,156 (Range - 0 - 9,514)