Department of Emergency Medicine

Career Conference Performance Review (CCPR)

As a department, we view the Performance Review (PR) as an opportunity for faculty advocates and their advocatees to meet to discuss the advocatee’s growth and development in the Department of Emergency Medicine. The PR includes components of evaluation, feedback, and short- and long-term goal setting for the faculty.

Link to SOM Intranet Performance Review

FEAT (Faculty Engagement & Advancement Team)

Dr. Sheryl Heron Vice Chair of Faculty Equity, Engagement and Empowerment

Dr. Joshua Wallenstein Associate Chair, Advancement, Promotion and Tenure Committee

Dr. Michell Lall Director, Wellness, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (WEDI)

Dr. Jonathan Rupp Director, Innovation and Discovery in the Emergent and Acute Sciences (IDEAS)

Dr. Bijal Shah  Chair, Awards Committee

Dr. Philip Shayne  Vice Chair of Education

Dr. Todd Taylor Curriculum Lead, EM Faculty Development 

Dr. Sharon Nieb, Administrative Lead for Advancement, Promotion and Tenure Committee

Erika Perricone, Senior Administrative Assistant

Barbara Voss, Communications Manager