Department of Emergency Medicine

National Leadership

Leaders in the Emory Observation Medicine section have been instrumental leaders in this area of medicine over the last two decades. Emory leaders have been at the forefront of studying, refining, and promoting optimal models of delivery for emergency and observation services. They have served as advisors in the development of AMA CPT Observation codes for physician payment, and CMS APC payment codes for the payment of hospital emergency department and observation services.

Dr. Ross served for three years on the CMS APC Advisory Panel, where he chaired the Observation and Visit Subcommittee and was instrumental in policy decisions regarding emergency and observation visits. He has also served as an advisor on observation policy issues for MedPAC, the Lewin Group, and the Health Care Advisory Board. 

Observation Unit Census 2018 (across Emory Healthcare and Grady)

5 units with 67 total beds

22,081 patients Observation census in 2018

17 hours Average LOS

85% Discharge Rate