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Dr. Richard A. Kahn received the Emory School of Medicine Hidden Gems award. These faculty members have been nominated by their departments in recognition of their outstanding, but often unnoticed or unrecognized, contributions to Emory or beyond.

The Ortlund Lab publishes paper titled, "Development of the First Low Nanomolar Liver Receptor Homolog-1 Agonist through Structure-guided Design," in the Journal of Medicine Chemistry.

Dunham Lab Publishes Paper in Nucleic Acids Research.

Dr. Graeme L. Conn is promoted to Professor with Tenure of Biochemistry.

Dr. Eric Ortlund is promoted to Professor with Tenure of Biochemistry.

The Ortlund Lab paper titled, "First High-Resolution Crystal Structures of the Glucocorticoid Receptor Ligand-Binding Domain-PGC1lower case Greek alpha Complex with Endogenous and Synthetic Glucocorticoids," published in Molecular Pharmacology.