We Thank You...

We are extremely proud of the selflessness faculty, residents, fellows, and all health care staff have shown on the front lines of COVID-19. We are exceptionally grateful for their continued excellence in patient care, clinical research and education in the face of a crisis. Please join us in showing our gratitude by leaving a note of thanks or encouragement to faculty, trainees, and ALL health care workers worldwide battling this global pandemic.

Leaving a note is simple! Use the form below to fill out as many or as few of the fields as you'd like. Your note can be anonymous or you can provide your name. Address your note to a specific individual or group, or share a general note of support. These will be populated below and will be shared on Department of Medicine social media channels. Thank you for your support of our Emory Health Heroes! Together, we can make a difference.

Emory Health Heroes Notes of Thanks

From: Patty To: All Health Heroes Location: Atlanta, GA

Doctors, nurses, EMTs and other health care workers - you all are indispensable to our community! Fortunately, I have not seen any of you in your professional capacities, but I live near Emory and see many of you in my pre-dawn grocery runs. You are the ones telling other people that a mask doesn't do any good if it leaves your nose hanging out. Thank you! Thank you for staffing the hospitals and the ambulances! Thank you for speaking up in grocery stores! And thank you for being the good people you are.

From: Kathleen Romero To: All Health Heroes Location: Alpharetta, GA

Thank you so much for being in the frontline in this COVID-19 pandemic. I'm sure many of you were/are still scared yet you all fearlessly continue fighting for us. You all are very special and I can't imagine the bravery you guys display during this time. Thank you for all that you do.

From: Tonya White-Strozier To: Emergency Room and 6th Floor Team Members, Emory University Hospital Midtown

To all the emergency room and sixth floor team members (cleaning, staff, nurses, and doctors) who took care of me from July 3-7. Bless you and thank you for your sincere care.

From: Robert and Sharon McGhee To: Deanna Loving and Dr. Allen D. Beck, Emory Eye Clinic

Ms. Deanna Loving, thank you for providing excellent patient service to my wife, Mrs. Sharon McGhee, for many years!! You always go the extra mile for us and we really appreciate your kindness, professionalism and hard work to assist us on everything we've requested and needed support for. These few words aren't enough to express our genuine gratitude for you!! Again, thank you for making our visits pleasant every time we see you. We wish you God's blessings and favor in all you do in life!! THANK YOU!!!

Dr. Allen D. Beck, you have been taking care of my wife, Sharon McGhee, for well over 19 years. Our family arrived here at Fort McPherson, Georgia from Germany on September 22, 2000, while I was still serving in the U.S. Army. In 2001, we were surprised to learn from our military health clinic that my wife was diagnosed with advanced Glaucoma. We were referred by the Humana Military Healthcare to the Emory Eye Clinic and assigned to you. We didn't know at the time but what a blessing that has been for our family, to get a very compassionate, knowledgeable and thorough doctor!

Dr. Beck, you are a very pleasant, caring, and great doctor/ophthalmologist, and an awesome servant of the community!! You've always kept us informed about my wife's conditions and when surgeries and more frequent visits were necessary, you always provide the best possible care for my wife and ensures she's getting superb treatment!

In closing, our family thanks the Emory Eye Clinic team, to include all the specialists that have provided excellent testing and care. Also, all the front desk staff who provide great service!

Again, THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH Dr. Beck. We wish you God's blessings and favor in all you do in life!!!!!

From: Jody Wilson To: All Health Heroes Location: Chatt Hills, GA

I am a 68 year-old retired RN. I appreciate every sacrifice you have made in caring for your patients.

From: Kathryn Dodd To: Dr Richard Thomas and Staff Location: Emory Johns Creek Hospital

Thank you all so very much!! There are really no words to express my gratitude!

From: Cindy and Steve To: All Health Heroes Location: Cobb County, GA

We have a son who is a healthcare provider on the frontline of the COVID-19 battle, so we know firsthand the selfless service all of you healthcare professionals provide each day. While the rest of us run away from the virus, you folks run to it each day with your faithful service. We thank you and applaud you for all you do during the pandemic, but also for your extraordinary care for your fellow citizens in normal times. May God bless each of you!

From: Enrique Carrion-Leon To: Beatrice Evans, RN, Emory Saint Joseph's Hospital Location: Lawrenceville, GA

A lifetime is too short and our warmest words too few to thank you because, during my stay there from Aug. 22-26, your consideration brightened my day and touched my heart with your detached and genuine good attitude, kind and very professional treatment.

Hope you know how warmly you're thought of and how much you're appreciated for all you do.

From: Floyd Rounds To: Emory University Hospital Location: Lithia Springs, GA

To all the nurses and other staff on 5700 at Emory Hospital. I want to thank you for such a great job that you did in helping my recovery from COVID-19. Everyone was so gracious and caring. My treatment was first class from doctor to lab staff, (Carlos). Sorry that I can’t remember everyone’s names. I will be forever grateful to all of you, thank you from the bottom of my heart!!!!

From: Anonymous To: All Health Heroes Location: Powder Springs, GA

May God’s healing light flow through your hands into everyone you touch so they know that they are loved and they are healing. Know that you, the healers, are doubly blessed.

Know that a Greater Power is standing beside you helping you do your precious work. While we all strive for healing, if an outcome is not positive, it was not meant to be. We are not personally in control of outcomes. You are part of a team that includes a Greater One.

So thank you, thank you for your devotion in this time of difficulty. May you be doubly blessed!

From: Pearl Hickerson To: All Health Heroes Location: Atlanta, GA

Thank you to all of the health care employees, great and small, thank you to the food service employees, thank you to all maintenance employees. You all play a big part in the lives of patients. Thank you for your courage on the front line to help and to heal, to make sure everyone ate, to make sure the hospital was clean and sanitized, for every kind word, for every smile. I want to say thank you. May God bless you all and your families, may He protect you from COVID-19. Be blessed.

From: Joe Tillman To: Dr. Matthew Gary, Orthopedic Spine Surgeon and Dr. Carolina Garcia, Brain Neurology Location: Savannah, GA

Dr. Gary, you repaired my back in 2016 (fused all 5 lumbar). I have not had a back issue since. Great job sir. You recommended Dr. Carolina Garcia to me for my foot nerve issue. Her team did all the test on my feet, and I had a Zoom meeting with her today. We have a plan that I am very confident with.

Dr. Garcia, Thank you for all of your hard work to determine the issue with my feet. I was very pleased with your team's work. My family and I were very pleased with the Zoom meeting we had today, and the plans that you have laid out for my treatment.

In my book, Emory is two for two!!!!!

From: Dorothy Clark To: All Health Heroes Location: Decatur, GA

God bless you for the work you do, especially now with all the challenges of COVID-19. You are truly God's gift to us all. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

From: Dorcas A. To: Emory Healthcare

Thank you to all health care providers at Emory University School of Medicine. I know your patients appreciate you as much as I do and on behalf of them, I say thank you. I offer my sincere gratitude to the essential staff at Emory for all that you do as well. Thank you for making the best out of a bad situation and for choosing to have the strength to come in and do your jobs day in and day out! Your bravery and courage ROARS out like a lion’s at the top of its lungs, inspiring others to try to amount to a quarter of that bravery and courage. Thank you for the endless hard work, the dedication and commitment to helping your patients and their families, and for your kind hearts. You all are so loved by many. We value the amount of time and care you put into your jobs. You all are warriors in a brave fight against this pandemic and we all believe in you! Never give up! Laugh today because by God's grace there will be another tomorrow. Working in this hospital, stepping up to the plate and challenging COVID-19 on the frontlines is truly incredible work, and I applaud your persistence and heartwarming personalities. Thank you because you all are in my heart, thoughts, and prayers! God bless.

From: Danielle To: Emory Healthcare Location: Atlanta, GA

To the Emory Healthcare medical providers and staff, THANK YOU for all you do! After watching the videos shared by Dane Peterson's Operations update on September 1, I had the chills and cried. I think Americans are becoming somewhat numb to hearing reports about COVID-19, the numbers, the politics of masks, etc. but we can't lose sight that our fellow citizens are showing up to work every day to care for sick patients, with and without COVID-19.

Please know your work is recognized, appreciated, and you are all making a huge difference in each and every life you help save and the families of those patients.

Thank you again, Healthcare Heroes!

From: Starlyn First To: All Emory Healthcare and Research Teams Location: Marietta, GA

To all of the Emory Healthcare professionals and research teams — and so many more: THANK YOU for your service, your unrelenting work caring for others, your vaccine research, and everything you are doing now and always. I’m proud to live in metro Atlanta and claim all things Emory as our own!! Bless all of you!

From: Sandra M. Smith To: All Health Heroes Location: Pathology at Emory University Hospital

A very special thanks to all Health Heroes throughout the United States for your dedication, hard work, long work hours, and support during this virus pandemic. Keep up the good work!

From: Anonymous To: Team Unit 61 Location: Emory University Hospital Midtown

All of you are amazing. It's with a very humble heart that I salute you and your unwavering commitment to care for COVID-19 patients. You have encountered countless challenges in delivering the best care you can even in the midst of your own fears. It is not easy to have to put your family aside, or your family putting you to the side because of fear, to continue to care for those who really need it. Thank you for your happy days. Thank you for the days you may have wanted to walk away from health care completely, but you came back. Thank you for standing for what's right and continuing to move forward when others have chosen differently! Thank you for the dedication you have to your team. Thank you for teaching courage and resilience to the rest of us. You really are TRUE HEROES! 

From: Harshita To: All Emory Healthcare Staff Location: Atlanta, GA

You may have heard many words of gratitude and love that the words, "thank you" and "we love you" might have lost their meaning. You might be reading this on your 30-minute break or a calm night after another long day at work. I want to remind you that everything is going to be okay. You've entered this field for a reason and this is your purpose. You've saved lives, you've truly worked hard, and you've been showing up every day to work to do the best work you can. There are some things we were never taught in school and determination, diligence, and integrity are a few of them. You've learned this through your dedication to healthcare.

Your passion and your willingness to fight this pandemic is greatly appreciated. And you may not hear it enough, but we are proud of you. You deserve the biggest pats on the back and applause. This note is just a small token of appreciation.

I hope you have had a wonderful today and I hope tomorrow is just as great or even better, as well as the days afterward. Thank you for all you do, everything.

From: Dwight T. Ferrell To: Dr. Sheetal Kandiah

I wanted to take this opportunity to praise you for your indefatigability and the great care that you do in helping improve my overall health. I am so blessed to have an incredible doctor like you. And, I also wanted to praise your healthcare team as well. They also work so hard to improve my health. Mostly, I have to give God his praise Almighty for his participation in guiding me to the best healthcare facilities of Emory clinics in America. You are all angels of God and I pray that he keeps you all safe and healthy as you continue to do His blessed will. And I know that all of you will continue to let people know you care. So, from the quintessence of my heart, keep showing people that you care.

From: Anonymous To: All Health Heroes Location: Atlanta, GA

So glad that there are people like you who are helping our communities and our citizens get well and stay safe! Thank you - your efforts each and every day are appreciated.

From: Anonymous To: All Health Heroes

Thank you for continuing to be the heroes - saving lives and communities. Forever in your gratitude.

From: Anonymous To: Emory University Hospital and Emory Clinic Staff and Healthcare Providers Location: Atlanta, GA

WOW and Thank You! I am a retired Emory RN. In my 38 years at Emory, I never faced what you are facing. I admire your dedication, courage, and service. I am an Emory Clinic patient and am thankful for the ongoing care available. I pray daily for the safety of all employees involved in serving Emory patients. Bless you all!

From: Anonymous To: All Health Heroes Location: Decatur, GA

Thank you to all healthcare workers for your continued sacrifice during these difficult times. Your dedication is appreciated and has not gone unnoticed. I pray every day for your continued good health and safety. God bless you all.

From: Mike To: Dr. Hermoni and All Staff at Emory Heart and Vascular Center Location: Cumming, GA

Thank you for all you do to protect us. Surely we will beat this pandemic together. Please keep yourself and your families safe.

From: Joe A. To: All Health Heroes Location: Chatsworth, GA

I would like to thank all at Emory for staying on the front line and cutting edge in all health crises. May God give you the strength and protection till we get though this pandemic.

From: Linda Brooks To: All Health Heroes Location: Norcross, GA

I am a retired RN and fully appreciate what all the medical folks are dealing with on the front lines! I thank you all for your hard work and dedication!!

Everyone who is giving up their own safety to help others is a HERO to me!! Medical folks, and many who continue working to help throughout this pandemic!

From: Ed To: All Health Heroes Location: Atlanta, GA

As you work day after day to support, care for, and cure people who have become sick with COVID-19, you might feel as if the world is going on without you. It's true that you are physically isolated as you work and possibly after you leave work as well, but you are on the minds of us who are outside and unable to do what you are doing. We pray for you and think about you, sometimes at very odd times, but your work goes on at all hours, so our support should come on the same schedule. God be with you, sustaining and protecting you as you promote God's healing.