We Thank You...

We are extremely proud of the selflessness faculty, residents, fellows, and all health care staff have shown on the front lines of COVID-19. We are exceptionally grateful for their continued excellence in patient care, clinical research and education in the face of a crisis. Please join us in showing our gratitude by leaving a note of thanks or encouragement to faculty, trainees, and ALL health care workers worldwide battling this global pandemic.

Leaving a note is simple! Use the form below to fill out as many or as few of the fields as you'd like. Your note can be anonymous or you can provide your name. Address your note to a specific individual or group, or share a general note of support. These will be populated below and will be shared on Department of Medicine social media channels. Thank you for your support of our Emory Health Heroes! Together, we can make a difference.

Emory Health Heroes Notes of Thanks

From: Anonymous To: All Health Heroes Location: Atlanta, GA

Thank you for all that you do to keep our family and friends safe and healthy during this time! We are so appreciative of you all!

From: Christopher MacDonald To: All Health Heroes

If you should come across this message and read it just KNOW you are not alone. The struggle to keep your composure while in such duress at work is a very daunting task on a normal day and in this environment it's short of being impossible I'm sure on most days. But, you can continue to do this and come out the other side, that's what people, professionals, and ones who care do and do it every day. Continue to champion for those in need and your heart will be full and your commitment fulfilled. Be safe, stay healthy, and breathe!

From: Anonymous To: All Health Heroes Location: Roswell, GA

Our family thanks all of you on the front lines for tirelessly caring for those who have been affected by COVID-19. We can't imagine how terrible this would be without all of you caring for so many of us. You are appreciated and valued and rightfully named heroes!

From: Anonymous To: Dr. Meekyoung Kim Location: Emory Saint Joseph's Hospital

Thank you for your empathetic style and for listening to patients. Your intelligence and caring demeanor will be deeply missed. Thanks for being a wonderful doctor to me. Wishing you all the best.

From: Corie Cunningham To: All Health Heroes Location: North Decatur, GA

Thanks to all the Emory employees and faculty that are on the front lines doing their job to the fullest. It's a job that's hard and emotional. I salute you and thank you for all you do and endure. GOD BLESS you, your coworkers working alongside of you, loved ones, and friends. Hang in there, continual prayers for you as well as blessings as we get through this pandemic.

From: Ashley Howle To: Danny, Unit Director of 3G/4G CCU Location: Emory University Hospital

I'd like to thank Danny, unit director of 3G/4G CCU, for his tireless efforts in running both his own unit and overseeing one of the COVID-19 ICUs. He always manages to have a smile on his face despite the circumstances, and he's always welcoming and happy to have us ESP Float nurses join his crew. Danny, I give thanks and have so much gratitude for you. You took the time to call me during an extremely busy time to update me on a patient's new COVID-19 status, and I very much appreciated that. I realize that you could have delegated that or let my ESP staff be the first to let me know. Instead, it shows just how much you value your staff and those that are temporarily there with you to lend a hand. Don't let up the good fight - you are an amazing leader. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.

From: Jamie Armour To: All Health Heroes Location: Emory University Hospital

Thank you all for your tireless efforts in battling this pandemic. You are on the front lines of this war, because it is a war! I am praying that this will soon end for all of us. I am praying that you and your families are safe and that God has a hedge of protection around you as you go forth every day to battle this disease.

From: Mary Watson-Green To: All Health Heroes Location: Atlanta, GA

Thanks be to God for bringing together such wonderful and dedicated people at Emory. They work together tirelesly as a team to provide much needed and quality care for all. It is such a blessing to deny self and serve others. To God be the glory and to all health care workers blessings abundantly.

From: Emory Benham To: All Health Heroes

Thanks to all Emory health heroes for the work you all are doing for the COVID-19 pandemic.

From: Anonymous To: Jacob and All Nurses in the ICU Location: Emory Decatur Hospital

Just to let you all know, I continue to pray for your safety and well being. Your courage, skill, and dedication are greatly admired.

From: Anonymous To: Fourth Floor Team Location: Emory Orthopedic and Spine

You three ladies and the doctor who did the injection were fabulous to me. You made my experience fabulous. I am terribly grateful. I had all kinds of fear about it and you all made me feel cared for and at home. Thank you so much.

From: Anonymous To: Nurses and Staff in the ER Location: Emory University Hospital

Madison Fuss, RN, thank you for all you do.

From: Lucretia To: All Health Heroes Location: Atlanta, GA

Our hearts are filled with gratitude and thanks for the work that you folks do. Know that you are appreciated, valued, and loved.

When my tai chi group meets, we end each session with affirmations and statements of gratitude. All staff and medical professionals are included in our thanks.

Again, thanks to you all!

From: Anonymous To: Nurses at Emory University Hospital

Thank you to all that checked on me during the night to insure I was doing okay. The nurses at Emory are rock stars!!!

From: Luther Hamilton To: L-VAD Complete Team and Infusions Location: Emory Healthcare

It has been outstanding to be cared for by such dedicated doctors and staff. They have become family. Thanks to all.

From: Anonymous To: All Health Heroes

Thank you all for your strength, love, determination, and faith to be on call to care for the ones who need you. Your professionalism is outstanding and your effort is deeply appreciated. We know you get tired, but you do not give up! Thank you for being there for all of us. May you have rest, love, joy, and peace in your mind, body, and spirit to refresh yourselves as you continue in this battle. We say thank you so very much!

From: Lisa Smith To: All Health Heroes

Thank you for showing up and doing what must be done to help others in their time of greatest need. Human kindness and compassion are often overlooked in today's world. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

From: Wendy Rodriguez To: All Health Heroes

Please remember that you are valued and appreciated through these unprecedented times. I can’t imagine how tough it is but know that your efforts are not being overlooked. We wouldn’t be here without your passion and dedication to treat patients.

From: Nicolai Lundy To; All Health Heroes Location: Lakewood, CO

Every so often, especially after seeing another disconcerting headline about the spread of COVID-19, I think about the first several weeks of the pandemic when people in cities around the world would cheer/clap/shout to support front line workers. Like all good things, it didn't last forever, but it was a frequent reminder of you and your colleagues' daily sacrifices. The daily clapping has stopped, but your commitment to health care hasn't and you deserve as much recognition as we can give. Thank you for dedicating your work to helping the entire world manage this pandemic. Your sacrifices are not forgotten.

From: Veena Gursahani To: All Health Heroes

Thank you so much for all you do for the health and safety of others. We are grateful for you. Thank you for fighting for the most vulnerable among us.

From: Jennifer Doty To: All Health Heroes

As an Emory employee who is also an Emory patient, I feel incredibly fortunate to have landed at this institution. To all the doctors, nurses, and medical professionals who provide exceptional and compassionate care every day (especially Dr. Veeraraghavan and all of the Pulmonary Clinic staff), and now help us maintain our health in the midst of a global pandemic, I send my deepest heartfelt thanks!

From: Nadia Brown-Ware To: All Health Heroes Location: Atlanta, GA

Please know, we are exceptionally grateful for your continued excellence in patient care, clinical research, and education in the face of this crisis. Our prayers are consistently with you and all the staff from the sanitation, planning, execution, administration, coordination teams, to the electricians. You are all truly a great team.

From: Devon Newton To: All Health Heroes

Thank you so much for your dedication to keeping our community healthy! Your work on the front lines is so important and the sacrifices you are making are not going unnoticed. Sending my gratitude and wishing you all the best!

From: Rachel Abraham To: All Health Heroes Location: Marietta, GA

I have a hard time finding the words to express how grateful I am for the work you do in the service of others. Thank you so much for the healing and inspiration you provide to our community.

From: Monica Lefton To: All Health Heroes

Thank you so much for all you do every day to serve and protect others, and especially this year. Your work is irreplaceable and your commitment to the community, at Emory and beyond, is incredible. While it is not sufficient to express our gratitude to you, I hope this note reminds you of how amazing you are, that you are valued and loved, and that many will never forget the dedication and sacrifice you have shown this day, and every day prior.

From: Lauren Hunt To: All Health Heroes Location: Coral Gables, FL

You are a hero to everyone around you! Thank you for putting others above yourself and making so many sacrifices for your community. You are an example of the greatness that is in this world and what everyone aspires to be. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the love that you show to the world every day.

From: Lisa Cosgrove To: All Health Heroes Location: Jacksonville, FL

Thanks for doing your part and serving the health care communities. I am extremely proud of the selflessness of the faculty, residents, and fellows, and all health care staff during COVID-19. I am grateful for the continued excellence in patient care, clinical research, and education in the face of a crisis.

From: Angel Chung To: All Health Heroes

Thank you for your dedication and sincerity to keep us all safe and healthy! We truly appreciate the care that you provide to all who need it during this time!

From: Amelia Rudolph To: All Health Heroes Location: Marietta, GA

Seven-plus months into this pandemic, I wanted to thank you for all of your care, professionalism, and sacrifice during this incredibly challenging public health crisis. Please know that your hard work is appreciated, that the stress you and your family are under has not gone unnoticed, and that your service to the greater good of the community is valued. My family, at least, is masking up, socially distancing, and only patronizing local restaurants (by takeout!). We don’t want to add to your burdens. Thank you for all you are doing.

From: Ganiu Kosoko To: All Health Heroes

Thank God for angels!!!

From: Liang Ge To: All Health Heroes

Words can’t describe how appreciative we all are of your sacrifice during these unpredictable times. Thank you for all that you do and know that we are always cheering for you.

From: Debbie Werden To: All Health Heroes

Thank you for your service and dedication! We are truly grateful!

From: Victoria Sesay To: All Health Heroes

Thank you so much for your service. Emory Healthcare always stands out as a leader in a public health crisis and this time is no different. You are the experts that we look to for help and direction during these times. Thank you for always being there for not only the Atlanta community, but for America and the world as a whole.