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We provide resources to guide faculty of all levels through the promotions and tenure process.

Our office delivers programs and resources to guide faculty across the career spectrum in achieving their goals and remaining engaged.

Mentoring is an essential component of career development and satisfaction. Our office provides tools to help develop rewarding and sustainable mentoring relationships.

Department of Medicine faculty are honored annually for their contributions to education, research, and patient care.

New Faculty Resources

View helpful information designed specifically to help new faculty jumpstart their careers at Emory.

Department of Medicine PATHS

The Department of Medicine PATHS (Professional Advancement Tracks for Health Sciences) were created as a guide for faculty as they navigate through their careers.

Faculty Development Events

We offer signature events designed to provide learning opportunities, hands-on training, and reward faculty excellence.

FEED Conference

The Faculty, Education, Enrichment, and Development Conference is a half-day CME conference open to clinician educators, clinical researchers, and basic scientists.

Career Conference Report

Maintaining and developing each faculty member's professional engagement throughout his or her career is a high priority for the school. In each department, the chair or the chair's designee shall conduct a yearly professional development and performance review with each regular faculty member who holds a primary appointment in the department.

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Sushma Cribbs MD, MSc
Vice Chair for Faculty Development

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Director, Office of Research and Faculty Development

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Senior Program Coordinator

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Senior Program Coordinator

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Program Coordinator