Ready to Teach

Ready to Teach is a newly curated website to streamline your teaching efforts and enhance the learning experience for medical students.

Key features of the resource include:

  • MD program outcomes
  • Course and clerkship objectives
  • Course and clerkship leadership
  • Student assessment methods
  • Required experiences of our students
  • Important policies and guidelines
  • Contact information
  • And much more

Find all of this and more on the Ready to Teach websiteWe appreciate your feedback and thank you for all you do for medical education.

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Racial Advocacy Curriculum Thread

The Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Racial Advocacy (DEIRA) thread for the MD curriculum is led by Dr. Tracey Henry (medicine). Learn how DEIRA is preparing students to become not only effective physicians but leaders and advocates, and how you as a faculty member can incorporate this content in your teaching. 

SOM Peer Teaching Consultations

Interested in working on your Foundations lectures this year? Want to talk about how they could be better? Consider requesting a Peer Consultation.

  • A peer consultation is done between faculty members in the School of Medicine.
  • It can be one meeting, or a series of two to three meetings.
  • It helps a faculty member strengthen one or more aspects of their teaching and/or helps a faculty member think through and develop an improved lecture.
  • We are committed to a flexible but structured consultation model to focus on what each individual faculty member wants to work on.

Participation in this program is entirely voluntary and confidential. Reviews are available in person or by review of a recorded lecture (with some limitations).

If you are interested in participating, please email Dr. Mehul Tejani and someone will be in touch with you about your interests. Program sponsored by the Educational Development Sub-Committee of the Executive Curriculum Committee. 

Tools for Teaching

A compilation of external teaching tools aimed at teaching strategies, course design, assessment and evaluations as well as teaching modules.

Online Teaching and Learning

These online teaching and learning resources from Emory University's Center for Faculty Development and Excellence include tools, strategies, best practices and effective remote teaching approaches to benefit both faculty and students.

Places to Publish

Looking to publish your educational research? Information on how and where to publish can be found here from the AAMC-Regional Groups on Educational Affairs.