Department of Medicine

4+1 Block Schedule

Our program adopted an X+Y schedule in July 2020, with four weeks of inpatient and subspecialty rotations (X block) followed by one week of ambulatory and continuity clinic (Y block). In this system, residents will experience:

  • The ability to fully immerse in a rotation rather than interspersing clinic into wards rotations
  • A golden weekend every five weeks, free of call or jeopardy/back-up call duties
  • Ambulatory/Y block will have four to five half days of continuity clinic, two half days of didactics, and two-three half days for an outpatient subspecialty
  • PGY2s will have the opportunity for a "Y selective" in which they choose an IM subspecialty clinic to rotate in during the Y block, typically with the same attending. This longitudinal experience is an additional opportunity for career mentorship, scholarship connections, and supporting fellowship application.