Department of Family and Preventive Medicine

Faculty Development Programs

Awards and Recognitions Committee

Dr. O'Neill chairs the department's Awards and Recognitions Committee which works to recognize excellence in our faculty and staff by sponsoring annual awards for faculty and staff.

In addition, every year, our faculty are nominated for Emory School of Medicine recognitions such as Hidden Gem and Clinical Distinctions. Individual divisions and programs also recognize faculty and staff excellence with annual awards. Read more about our faculty and staff recognitions.

Promotion and Tenure Committee

Dr. O'Neill chairs the Department of Family and Preventive Medicine Promotion and Tenure Committee which offers promotion support for faculty through CV review sessions and promotion packet review opportunities. More information about support for current faculty in the department is available on the department intranet.




Dr. O'Neill and Dr. Tina-Ann Thompson are launching a department-wide mentoring program in Spring 2024.


The Emory School of Medicine offers a variety of faculty development resources for all faculty from research scientists to clinical investigators, educators, and clinicians. The goal of faculty development is to deliver programs and resources to assist you in expanding your professional skills and achieving your career aspirations.