Steering Committee Composition

Degree Program Representation

  • Provide insight on program details and nuances
  • Flag any potential programmatic needs or issues
  • Ensure all recommendations and findings align to program accreditation standards

Working Group Representation

  • Provide expertise and insight on working group topics and subtopics
  • Share findings and points of concern; collect thoughts on how to best steer working groups in their charge
  • Provide insight based on background, role and experience

Technology Representation

  • Provide tech and IT expertise and considerations
  • Make connections between ideas / recommendations and the technology required to carry them out

DEI Representation

  • Provide a lens through which to think through all ideas / recommendations for education transformation
  • Ensure inclusion of varying community perspectives
  • Ensure consideration of equitable access to ideas / recommendations for education transformation

EHC Administration Representation

  • Provide perspective from a clinical health care partner
  • Brainstorm strategies on how Emory Healthcare can support education transformation
  • Think about points of synergy between medical education strategy/education transformation and the priorities of health care organizations