Re-imagining Medicine: Innovation for Impact

Before we look toward the future, we must examine our core values — they define the underlying culture that will outlive any vision or strategy. We've chosen a set of shared values to help us evaluate the strategies and initiatives to come.

Strategic Framework

With the help of nearly 300 people from across the institution, we've outlined a three-pronged framework that will position Emory School of Medicine as the preeminent leader in innovative health solutions and medical education.


We never forget that humanity is at the core of health care. We are a community working together to improve health, and our goal is to break down barriers to communication and collaboration so that all people can participate. The best innovation happens when people are included from diverse backgrounds, and we know we have to make a concerted effort to bring all parties to the table.

Track our progress with a continually updated account of milestones and events, including slide presentations and videos from key steps along the way.

Progress updates

Get updates on our progress toward these goals.

Resource toolkit

More details about the strategic framework in shareable formats:

We are listening

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