Department of Human Genetics


  • A team of seven medical geneticists with broad experience in clinical genetics, metabolism, and clinical trials.
  • A large catchment area, including the State of Georgia, and parts of Tennessee, Alabama, South Carolina, and Florida, ensures the trainee of broad exposure to rare diseases in the inpatient and outpatient setting. There are over 5000 outpatient visits and 800 inpatient consultations a year.
  • We care for metabolic patients of all ages and are the only metabolic center in the state. Many adult patients began their care here as children.
  • Emory has the newborn screening follow-up contract for the state of Georgia. As such, residents will learn all aspects of newborn screening and have the opportunity to partake in pilot programs for new disorders.
  • The Division of Medical Genetics has a dedicated Clinical Trials Group composed of genetic counselors, nurses, coordinators, and PIs to help bring new therapies to patients with genetic disease. Currently, there are more than 25 active clinical trials.
  • All trainees attend and present (at minimum) at one national meeting a year, typically ASHG, ACMG, or SIMD.
  • All trainees attend the North American Metabolic Academy.
  • The Division works closely with the Emory Genetics Laboratory, where trainees do their four-week rotation in the clinical, biochemical genetics laboratory.
  • A premier genetic counseling training program.
  • The Division is part of Emory’s Department of Human Genetics, which boasts over 50 faculty members who are among the brightest and best leaders in clinical and human genetics.


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