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Emory Down Syndrome Project

The Emory Down Syndrome Project,  the Study of Down Syndrome and Congenital Heart Defects and the Down syndrome Cognition Project represent overlapping studies conducted by a team of scientists and physicians who have been involved in Down syndrome research for more than a decade. Together these are now combined under the logo of DS360.


Down Syndrome and Congenital Heart Defects

The goal of this study is to identify genetic and environmental factors that influence the susceptibility for congenital heart defects in people with Down syndrome

Down Syndrome Data and Biological Sample Repository

The largest resource of clinical and epidemiological data and biological samples collected from infants and children with Down syndrome.

Genetic influences on learning and behavior in individuals with Down syndrome (Cognition Project)

This large scale, nationwide multi-site project will have the power to identify factors, both genetic and environmental, that lead to the variation in cognitive functioning seen in individuals with Down syndrome. If we can understand the systems involved in cognition and the factors that play a critical role, we will have a higher chance of developing evidence-based intervention programs.

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