Department of Biomedical Informatics

Methods Areas

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Theory and Methods

Gari CliffordNasim KatebiHyeokhyen KwonSamaneh Nasiri, Saima RathoreMatthew ReynaReza Sameni, Yun Wang

Advancing foundational theories and methodologies in AI and ML to enhance learning algorithms and decision-making process.  


Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Applications

Selen BozkurtGari CliffordNasim KatebiHyeokhyen KwonBabak MahmoudiSamaneh NasiriAli Bahrami RadSaima RathoreMatthew ReynaAbeed SarkerYun Wang

Implementing AI and ML techniques across various domains to address real-world biomedical and clinical problems. 


Bias, Ethics, and Fairness

Selen BozkurtAzra IsmailHyeokhyen Kwon

Investigating ethical implications, addressing bias, and measuring and supporting fairness in AI systems. 


Biostatistics and Bioinformaticss

Selen BozkurtJ. Lucas McKaySamaneh NasiriMatthew Reyna

Applying statistical methods and computational tools to analyze biological data for insights into biological processes and personalized medicine.  


Biomedical Signal and Image Processing

Gari CliffordNasim KatebiBabak MahmoudiJ. Lucas McKaySamaneh NasiriAli Bahrami RadSaima RathoreReza SameniYun Wang

Developing signal processing and image analysis techniques for extracting meaningful information from biomedical data. 


Clinical Research

Selen Bozkurt, J. Lucas McKaySaima RathoreYun Wang

Systematic investigation of medical treatments, interventions, and outcomes to generate evidence-based knowledge for healthcare practices. 

Computer Vision

Hyeokhyen KwonJ. Lucas McKayTony PanYun Wang

Developing algorithms for machines to interpret and understand visual information, enabling applications such as image recognition and object detection. 


Edge Computing and Tiny Machine Learning

Gari CliffordNasim KatebiHyeokhyen Kwon

Developing machine learning models for efficient processing on edge devices with limited resources, facilitating decentralized applications. 


High-Performance Computing and Databases

Tony PanMatthew Reyna

Designing and optimizing computing systems and databases for large-scale data processing, storage, and retrieval. 


Human-Computer Interaction

Azra IsmailTony Pan

Studying and designing user interfaces to improve usability, accessibility, and the overall user experience of technology systems. 


Natural Language Processing

Selen BozkurtAbeed Sarker

Developing algorithms and models for computers to understand, interpret, and generate human language for biomedical applications. 


Application Areas

Brain Health  

Selen BozkurtGari CliffordAzra IsmailHyeokhyen KwonBabak MahmoudiJ. Lucas McKaySamaneh NasiriAli Bahrami RadSaima RathoreYun Wang

Understanding, monitoring, and enhancing brain health to address neurological disorders and cognitive well-being.



Selen BozkurtSaima RathoreMatthew Reyna

Enhancing cancer research, diagnosis, treatment, and personalized medicine to improve detection and outcomes for individuals affected by various forms of cancer. 

Cardiovascular Disease

Gari CliffordQiao LiSamaneh NasiriAli Bahrami Rad, Matthew ReynaAbeed Sarker

Studying and managing data related to cardiovascular health, including prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of heart diseases.

Global/Public/Rural Health and Social Determinants of Health

Gari CliffordAzra IsmailSamaneh KatebiAbeed Sarker

Addressing health disparities and promoting global, public, and rural health by leveraging informatics to analyze and integrate data related to social determinants, healthcare accessibility, and public health interventions.

Maternal-Child Health

Gari CliffordAzra IsmailSamaneh KatebiReza SameniYun Wang

Enhancing the health and well-being of mothers and children by analyzing data related to maternal care, childbirth, and pediatric health, especially in low-and-middle-income countries (LMICs) and underrepresented and underserved groups. 


Saima Rathore

Progressive deterioration of neurons in the brain or peripheral nervous system, leading to impairment of cognitive or motor functions

Pain, Addition, and Palliative Care

Selen BozkurtAbeed Sarker

Studying and managing pain, addiction, and palliative care to improve patient outcomes and support effective pain management strategies.