Department of Biomedical Informatics

Our Goal and Mission

Advancing Biomedical Informatics: Inspiring, Engaging, and Educating Our Community

Open Source BMI Learning Tools

We will be publishing accessible digital content designed specifically to demystify and teach the foundational and intermediate concepts in biomedical informatics, artificial intelligence, and machine learning. Our goal is to make these complex fields approachable and understandable to individuals from diverse backgrounds, thereby fostering inclusivity and broadening the scope of education in these cutting-edge areas. Our team works to create these learning tools for K-12 individuals from underrepresented backgrounds as well as prospective PhD students considering an academic career.

Bridging Technology and Healthcare

OpenBMI is dedicated to bridging the gap between cutting-edge technology and healthcare through biomedical informatics. We aim to bring together professionals, students, and enthusiasts from both fields to collaborate and innovate. By integrating artificial intelligence and machine learning with healthcare, we strive to develop solutions that improve patient outcomes, enhance data analysis, and streamline medical processes. Our initiatives include workshops, webinars, and collaborative projects that not only educate but also apply these technologies in real-world healthcare scenarios. Through this, OpenBMI fosters a community that is at the forefront of transforming healthcare with technology.

Promoting Diversity

OpenBMI places a strong emphasis on fostering diversity within the STEM fields. The group actively works to create a welcoming and inclusive environment that encourages participation from underrepresented communities. This includes organizing events specifically designed to address the challenges faced by these groups in STEM, providing resources and support to help them overcome barriers, and highlighting the achievements of diverse individuals in the field. By doing so, OpenBMI aims to contribute to a more diverse and equitable STEM community.

Supporting Professional Development

We will be offering various opportunities such as leadership development roles, mentoring, and collaborative projects, aimed at providing practical experience and professional skills. Additionally, OpenBMI facilitates platforms for students and professionals to present their research, fostering an environment of knowledge sharing and innovation. Through these initiatives, OpenBMI aims to prepare individuals for successful careers in Biomedical Informatics and related fields, while also building a strong, interconnected professional community.

Our Team

Elizabeth Nemeti


Chase Fensore


Shoibolina Kaushik


Dr. Babak Mahmoudi

Vice Chair for Outreach