Progress by the Numbers:

Biochemistry FY22 - FY23

Congratulations for a 128% increase in award funding for FY23 compared to FY22.

Biochemistry also increased its NIH funding ranking to #35 nationally for FY22 from #37 in FY21 in biochemistry departments in medical schools.

Cell Biology FY23

Congratulations to Cell Biology for ranking #24 nationally for FY22 NIH funding to medical schools

Microbiology and Immunology FY22 - FY23

Congratulations for ranking #18 in NIH funding nationally for FY22 for microbiology departments in medical schools.

Pharmacology and Chemical Biology FY22 - FY23

Congratulations to Emory Pharmacology and Chemical Biology for ranking #2 nationally in NIH funding in FY22 for pharmacology departments in medical schools.