Department of Orthopaedics

Internship Testimonials

2019 Orthopaedic Summer Scholars

“The Emory Orthopaedics Summer Scholars Program stoked my interest in becoming a doctor by allowing me to learn about orthopedic surgery for the first time as a pre-med student with seminars that discussed medical school applications, research while in medical school, work-life balance, and clinic shadowing opportunities.  I was unsure of what it took to get into medical school, but the program reassured me that there are many different paths to becoming a doctor.  Each doctor in the program was transparent about how they became physicians and encouraged us that even though you might occasionally stumble along the path, you should always follow your passion.  Even though my cohort was on zoom due to Covid, I shadowed in various orthopaedic clinics each week as an intern, which made me aware of the many different orthopaedic subspecialties that are accessible.  Every day I enjoyed working with the Emory team, and the attending physicians and residents made me feel welcome.  Minority students like me may thrive in the Emory Department of Orthopaedics’ supportive atmosphere and are encouraged to contribute to the change they seek to see in the medical profession.  I am motivated to go toward my goal of becoming an orthopaedic oncologist and surgeon due to this experience.  I am incredibly grateful for the opportunity, which has propelled me closer to my medical aspirations.” 

Aniah Daniels
College Student


“I will forever be thankful for receiving the opportunity to be a part of the Emory Orthopaedics Summer Scholars program. While my experience was virtual, our cohort was still able to experience the benefits that the program intended. Through this program I was able to have shadowing opportunities, network with physicians, and create long lasting relationships with my peers and the incredible mentors of the program. This experience helped solidify my decision on aspiring to be a female orthopaedic surgeon.”

Britanny Hamama
Medical Student


“The Emory Orthopedics Summer Scholar Program was a wonderful experience that gave me the opportunity to explore and learn more about Orthopedic Surgery. It was great to get an early insight into tangible skills like building a curriculum vitae and creating presentations while learning about the residency application process and long-term planning for a career. In addition to the virtual workshops and shadowing opportunities, I also had exposure to a variety of subspecialties within Orthopedic Surgery and enthusiastic panelists that spoke on several important topics that remain useful and pertinent in my medical school journey. I would highly recommend this program for anyone with an interest in Orthopedic Surgery!"

Ore Olakunle
Medical Student


“Participating in the Emory Summer Scholars Program was one of the best decisions I made during medical school. It allowed me to learn about a residency program that I was interested in and see the efforts they were making to diversify orthopedics firsthand. I gained mentorship and formed connections that have lasted up to this point and I feel comfortable reaching out about anything. The program provided guidance in many areas, from fine-tuning my CV, and how to confidently give a presentation, to helping me build a list of residency programs to apply to. I am grateful for the opportunity and would recommend it to anyone in a heartbeat.”

Jessica Smith
Medical Student

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