Department of Dermatology

About Emory

The main campus of Emory University lies only six miles northeast of downtown Atlanta. Emory University includes Emory College, Oxford College, a graduate school of arts and sciences, and professional schools of medicine, business, law, and theology. The total student body, including the Health Sciences Center, is almost 15,000 with over 2,500 faculty.

Many of the Health Sciences facilities are located on or near Emory's main campus, 631 acres that lie along the Clifton Corridor in a suburban area 15 minutes from downtown. There are additional major healthcare campuses located in midtown Atlanta, and in north Atlanta at the St. Joseph Hospital and Johns Creek Campuses. 

Emory faculty are responsible for more than 2 million patient visits a year. Teaching, patient care, and research-the center's core missions are practiced at various hospitals owned by or affiliated with Emory and in a growing number of Emory Healthcare sites throughout the city, state, and region.