Department of Radiation Oncology

Lab Team Announcements

Priya Kapoor published her first author paper in Nature Communications on how SAMHD1 deacetylation by SIRT1 promotes DNA end resection by facilitating DNA binding at double-strand breaks.

Portrait of Priya Kapoor, PhD

David Yu was awarded as MPI a NIH/NCI U54 to establish a Radiation Biology Integration Network (ROBIN) Center on the Genomic and Microenvironmental Determinants, Temporal Dynamics, and Treatment Efficacy of Radiation-Based Combination Therapies. The Emory team in collaboration with the Cleveland Clinic Foundation is one of only three teams nationally to receive this highly competitive award of $7.5 million in total costs.

Portrait of David S. Yu, MD, PhD

Hui Zhang published her first author paper in Scientific Reports on a quantitative proteomic analysis of the lysine acetylome in revealing diverse SIRT2 substates.

Portrait of Hui Zhang, PhD

Elizabeth Minten published her first author paper in STAR Protocols on a protocol for in vitro lysine deacetylation to test putative substrates of class III deacetylases.

Portrait of Elizabeth Minten