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ASHA for Partners

"I was always worried about my dad being a diabetic patient. Then I found out that my husband is also pre-diabetic even though he is in his early 30s. This made me realize how concerning the issue is. When I met Dr. Megha Shah and learned about her initiative to raise awareness among South Asians on diabetes prevention and care, I decided to help my community in any way possible. The thought of helping my family as well as my community made me join ASHA." - Ms. Naima Bari, ASHA Community Coordinator

"Thank you for letting me join ASHA. I joined ASHA to help my community, to motivate people to manage their diabetes and to share my own experience controlling diabetes. Thanks, Dr. Megha and our team." - Mr. Azhar Khan, ASHA Board Member

ASHA for Health

The DoST (Diabetes Stops Together) pilot study was completed in June of 2019.  We had 10 South Asian participants with diabetes or prediabetes complete a 16-week culturally tailored program to improve diet and exercise to promote weight loss.  The program met every other week at the Dunwoody clinic.  Participants reported high levels of satisfaction with the program.  Participants lost an average of 3 pounds, dropped their blood pressure by 13 points, and reduced triglycerides by over 60 mg/dL. 

ASHA members helped lead the in-person sessions.  A special thank you to Mrs. Zohra Amin, Brother Jaber, and Mrs. Nazma Akter.  Our study team included Sukyi Naing, Alexis Halyard, Nithin Kurra, Yunbo Xie, and Ebonee Harris.

Pictured: Mrs. Zohra Amin and Nithin Kurra leading a session on how to stay motivated on your health journey.