Department of Family and Preventive Medicine

Emory Clinic

Emory Clinic is the largest, most comprehensive group practice in Georgia, the Emory Clinic has 1,466 Emory faculty physicians, 350 nurse practitioners, and 283 physician assistants, with locations throughout the city and state. Nonphysician employees: 3,235. Patient service visits in the fiscal year 2016: 2,998.955. Residents will rotate through The Emory Clinic at 1525 and other Emory sites during ambulatory rotations. This opportunity provides critical outpatient exposure to a distinctly different patient population and clinic model. This encompasses acute care, discharge transitions, and preventative care visits.

Emory University Hospital Midtown

Emory University Hospital Midtown is a 475-bed community and tertiary care hospital. Located in midtown Atlanta, it was designated by the Atlanta Olympics organizing committee as a hospital for the 1996 Olympics responsible for the care of athletes. More than 25,000 patients are admitted annually by a medical staff composed of community physicians and faculty members of the Emory University School of Medicine. Premier specialty services recognized nationally and internationally include Cardiology, Infectious Diseases, Hospital Medicine, and Pulmonary and Critical Care.

Children's Healthcare of Atlanta

Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta is ranked among the nation’s top pediatric hospitals. Family Medicine residents train at two of Children’s pediatric hospitals:

Children’s at Egleston, 278 beds (Emory campus). Annual patient totals: 12,485 admissions and 306,898 outpatient service visits. Staffed by 321 Emory faculty physicians, with Emory clinicians providing 95% of care.

Children’s at Hughes Spalding, 24 beds (Grady Hospital campus).

Annual patient totals: 1,404 admissions and 91,944 outpatient service visits. Staffed by 90 Emory physicians and by private practice and Morehouse School of Medicine physicians, with Emory clinicians providing 75% of care. 

Grady Memorial Hospital

One of the largest health systems in the United States,  Grady Health System, is comprised of Grady Memorial Hospital, eight neighborhood health centers, and Georgia’s largest nursing home, Crestview Health and Rehabilitation Center. Grady Memorial Hospital has 953 total beds. Primary care is provided at eight neighborhood health centers and four primary care clinics located in the hospital. It is the largest general hospital in Georgia and one of the largest in the world. Nearly 30,000 inpatients and more than 600,000 outpatients are treated each year. Home to Atlanta’s Level 1 Trauma Center, and one of only two burn centers in the state, Grady is known for its emergency and trauma care. The recently opened Marcus Stroke and Neuro Science Center is the new home of Grady’s award-winning Joint Commission Certified Stroke Center.  Grady Memorial Hospital is staffed exclusively by physicians from Emory University and Morehouse Schools of Medicine and has grown to be a preeminent leader of innovative patient care among inner-city hospitals in the United States. Rotations include medicine, ICU, inpatient Peds, newborn nursery, and cardiology.


Atlanta VA Medical Center

The Atlanta VA Medical Centerhas 405 beds and is classified as a 1A tertiary care facility. The Atlanta VA Medical Center provides a full range of patient care services complete with state-of-the-art technology, education, and research, which involves over 400 projects conducted by 140 principal research investigators with more than 300 research associates and staff. Rotations include geriatrics, telehealth primary care, and palliative care.