Estimated Costs

AA Program tuition for Summer 2019-2020 is $16,933 per semester. Tuition reflects full-time enrollment. Annual tuition is the same or in and out of state students

The cost of the NCCAA Certifying Examination is ~$1400. The exact amount and deadlines for the application can be found on the NCCAA website:

Average indebtedness for the Class of 2018 was $153,085.

Housing and living expenses vary depending upon the choice of on-campus or off-campus housing. Detailed information about on and off-campus housing can be found under the student life section of Emory's Residence Life & Housing website:

Estimated Annual Costs of the Anesthesiologist Assistant Program

Fixed Costs




Emory Student Fees


Estimated Costs


Books & supplies


Moderate Living expenses


Permit Parking and Clinical travel


EU Student Health Insurance (full coverage required)


*Approximate totals based on individual preferences 

Visit Emory Student Financial Services and Parking services at: and