The wide swath of patients served first attracted Alan Amedi to the School of Medicine. He's focused on making information readily available to the public, especially underserved communities, all while mentoring per-med students in Atlanta.

His mother’s experience as a pediatric physical therapist inspired Jared Beyersdorf to pursue medicine. He graduates from the School of Medicine’s joint MD/PhD program with plans to become a physician-scientist.

MD Diploma Ceremony Keynote Speaker Victor Dzau, President, National Academy of Medicine

Victor Dzau is President of the National Academy of Medicine (NAM), vice chair of the National Research Council, chancellor emeritus of Duke University, and past CEO of Duke Health System. Previously, he was chairman of medicine at Harvard and Stanford Universities. He is one of the most influential leaders in health and is recognized globally for a highly decorated career as a physician scientist, administrator, and leader. His research laid the foundation for lifesaving drugs known as ACE inhibitors. Dzau has devoted his career to scientific innovation, global health, and equity. His works highlight the need to engage health in developing solutions to broad-reaching social issues. At the NAM, he has launched important initiatives on a global health risk framework, human gene editing, and climate change. Dzau co-chaired the G20 Scientific Panel on Global Health Security and was an advisor to the G7 Japan Health Task Force.

Match day reveals where Emory medical students will begin their careers as doctors