Department of Surgery

The department views appointments and promotions as an academic priority, and has dedicated faculty and staff available to assist faculty in maneuvering through this process.

Our HR Office manages essential and systemically important functions involved with employment and employee relations, including coordinating compliance, processing visas, and preparing new faculty hires.

Support is available for all aspects of clinical trials, including allocation of resources, trial operations, regulatory and compliance matters, and fiscal accountability.

Pre- and post-award research support for faculty is also provided by the Anesthesiology, Brain Health, Orthopaedics, and Surgical Services (ABOSS) Research Administration Service (RAS).

Office of Surgical Education

In support of the School of Medicine's education mission, the Department of Surgery's Office of Surgical Education coordinates multiple education and training initiatives.

Visual Medical Education

The Visual Medical Education team creates a variety of innovative tools for faculty and staff clients to improve educational and health outcomes.

Data Analytics

The Department of Surgery offers a variety of resources for data pulls and associated analytics and biostatistician work for publications, clinical trials start up and implementation, research proposals, and other endeavors.