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Lab Team Announcements

September 2020

New Spangle Lab paper is out! In a study published in PNAS, principal investigator Jennifer Spangle, PhD and colleagues have determined patients with breast and other tumors characterized by PIK3CA C-terminal frameshift mutations may derive benefit from p110α-selective inhibitors.

December 2019

We are delighted to announce that Dr. Brent Jones has decided to join our lab for his postdoctoral fellowship. Brent just finished his PhD with Dr. Susan Bellis at the University of Alabama Birmingham. Welcome, Brent!

October 2019

Welcome to the lab, Milica Zecevic! Milica has decided to join us for her Master's thesis from the University of Basel, in Basel, Switzerland. Cheers to a productive thesis!

September 2019

Ms. Danielle Oliver has joined our lab as a Research Specialist. She comes to us from Malu Tansey's lab at Emory. Welcome, Danielle!