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Below is a list of news highlights for Microbiology and Immunology.

SOM Scientific Integrity Award

October 2022: Dr. Jeremy Boss was awarded the Emory School of Medicine Academic Integrity Award for 2022.

Jeremy Boss, PhD

Emory MilliPub Club Inductee

October 2022: Dr. Rafi Ahmed was inducted into the Emory Millipub Club in 2022.

New Award

October 2022: Dr. Phil Rather received the Emory School of Medicine 2022 "Hidden Gem Award."

Phil Rather, PhD

New Faculty Appointment

October 2022: Dr. Cheryl Day received a visiting faculty appointment at the University of Nairobi. Read full story in Notable News semi-annual newsletter.

Cheryl Day, PhD

New M&I Faculty Member

September 2022: Seema Lakdawala, PhD, joined Microbiology and Immunology as Associate Professor. Dr. Lakdawala brings expertise in transmission and viral pathogenesis along with the ferret model for influenza infection and expertise in microscopy. 

Seema Lakdawala

Dean's Eminent Investigator Award

September 2022: Dr. William Shafer received the Emory School of Medicine Dean's Eminent Investigator Award.

William Shafer

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