Department of Family and Preventive Medicine

Event Details

Date: Sunday, September 24, 2023
Time: 4p to 6p
Location: Harland Cinema
630 Means Dr, Atlanta, GA 30322

We are so grateful to our attendees and special guests for this memorable event at Emory School of Medicine! 

Couldn't make it? Use the registration link below to demonstrate interest in virtual/asynchronous screenings.

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Food and Drinks

Enjoy complimentary refreshments during the event! We'll be serving freshly popped popcorn, as well as a selection of bottled and canned beverages. It's the perfect way to enhance your cinematic experience at Harland Cinema.

Seating Information

Seating is on a first-come, first-served basis, so we recommend arriving early to secure your preferred seats. Doors will open at 3:30 PM, allowing you plenty of time to find the perfect spot before the event begins.

Locating the Venue & Parking

Locating Harland Cinema

Harland Cinema is situated on the second floor of the Alumni Memorial University Center (AMUC). Event attendees have the option of using either of two entrances: the eastern entrance or the southern entrance.

  • Eastern Entrance (Yellow star on the map): This entrance is in proximity to the School of Medicine, but it requires the use of stairs.
  • Southern Entrance (Red star on the map): For those who prefer alternatives to stairs, the southern entrance offers a ramp outside of the building followed by an elevator inside the building.

For directions from your location to AMUC, please click here.

Alumni Memorial University Center (AMUC)
630 Means Dr, Atlanta, GA 30322

To access an interactive map of Emory's Atlanta campus, please click here.

A map with a red star and a yellow star.

Eastern Entrance to AMUC

Picture of a building entrance with a red star.

Southern Entrance to AMUC

Picture of a building entrance with a yellow star.


On weekends, there is complimentary parking available for university visitors. This includes parking decks such as Fishburne, Michael St, and Starvine. For maps and additional information, please follow this link.