Department of Family and Preventive Medicine

Fall 2021 Cohort

Ryan D. Smith, MD Family Medicine

"My career goals center on providing high-quality patient-centered primary care and working to recruit and educate future primary care physicians who will do the same. I aim to help Emory better serve all community members by producing more primary care physicians, and primary care physicians that are representative of the diverse communities they serve."

Emory 17M, 20MR - Family Medicine

Sarah C. Dupont, MD, MPH Family Medicine

"I seek employment where there is a mission of service so I can be surrounded by like-minded providers. My understanding of what a primary care career looks like has changed in the past decade but my reasons for pursuing that path have not. Relationships with patients renew my vigor for work while improving the systems of care delivery gives me something to strive for."

Emory 18M, 18MPH, 21MR - Family Medicine, 22MR - Preventive Medicine

Mary Stout, MD Internal Medicine

"I have always wanted to work for an organization committed to serving the community and increasing access to healthcare. I feel that my current position with Emory accomplishes this, as I am able to treat a diverse panel of patients in terms of insurance status, socioeconomic background, and medical complexity."

Emory 18M, 21MR - Internal Medicine

Dr. Mary Stout

Brandon M. Estroff, MD Pediatrics  

"My career goal is to become a primary care pediatrician for children in underserved communities. I chose this path because I believe I can make a difference in the Atlanta community in my “major league career” as a pediatrician."

Emory 19M, 22MR - Pediatrics 

Dr. Estroff

Ashley N. M. Urrutia, MD, MPH Internal Medicine

 "Involvement in social justice and health education has taught me to actively listen to patients, identify their challenges, and help them navigate complicated systems to achieve their health goals. I will continue to use these skills in caring for patients with HIV. HIV primary care combines my love of advocacy with my passion for helping patients navigate the medical system."

Emory 18MPH, 19M, 22MR - Internal Medicine

Ashley Urrutia

Kyle E. Torres, MD Internal Medicine

I’ve really enjoyed being a primary care doctor, and my plan is to continue to serve as one to the Atlanta area’s underserved population. Ideally, I would work at a clinic that works to increase health access to the under- and uninsured."

Emory 20M, 23MR - Internal Medicine

Dr. Torres

Reem Al Atassi, MD Family Medicine

"I dream of opening a clinic integrated with a community and wellness center, leveraging local resources to foster health and nurture relationships."

Emory 16C, 21M

Dr. Al-Atassi

Lindsey E. Wells, MD Family Medicine

 "It is the sense of community and the health disparities often resident in small towns that have inspired me to return to rural, southwest Georgia to practice full-scope family medicine. I hope to increase medical access, exposure, and education to individuals in these rural areas who are both underserved by and underrepresented in our current healthcare system."

Emory 21M

Dr. Lindsey Wells

Cortland L. Coxhead Pediatrics

"I believe primary care gives me the best opportunity to fulfill my purpose of loving, investing in, and caring for children. I can build relationships; I can cultivate trust; I can show them that I care. Growing up near Atlanta, I have always wanted to serve those around me. I hope to find a community in Georgia that is in need and serve them fully and wholeheartedly."

Emory SOM Class of 2022

Dr. Coxhead

John W. Chancellor Family Medicine

"I would love to build my foundation as a physician here in Georgia, focusing on closing the care gap for individuals in the intersectionality of being medically underserved due to their geographic location as well as their sexual or gender identity."

Emory SOM Class of 2023

Dr. Chancellor

Lindsey M. Garrett Family Medicine

"I decided to become a physician because I saw a need for people like me. Not only a Black woman but a person who wants to develop relationships with others on a foundation of trust and help them make the most informed decisions for their health. Becoming a family medicine physician would allow me to reach my goals in creating lasting connections and being the primary resource for the health of my patients."

Emory SOM Class of 2024

Dr. Garrett