Department of Anesthesiology

Learn About Our Program

1st Year of Simulation Program Our simulation curriculum is carefully crafted to help students build a strong foundation in clinical knowledge and skills through immersive, simulated experiences that span the first three semesters of the program. 

2nd Year of Simulation Program As students enter the second year of our program, our program combines skills labs and simulated scenarios for an immersive and well-rounded learning experience that compliments their clinical learning experiences. 

Inter-professional Simulation Opportunities Our simulation program provides a unique opportunity for second-year AA students and graduating anesthesia residents to work together and practice inter-professional communication. 

Workshops & Courses Various objective driven workshops and courses are provided at the simulation program involving both content experts and professional vendors.

Simulation in Action Take a closer look at our program in action. Provided is a sample scenario that has been created by the Emory AA simulation team to demonstrate some basic skills in managing a simple anesthetic case.