Intramural Funding Opportunities at Emory

Emory Primary Care Consortium Grants

The Emory Primary Care Consortium provides up to $3,000 to support any project that involves research, quality improvement, advocacy, development of clinical decision support tools, or educational activities in support of advancements in primary care. Details and application   

SOM Imagine, Innovate and Impact (I3) Awards

Innovation is the cornerstone of the emerging SOM Strategic Framework and is key to all three SOM missions: research, education, and clinical care. A key innovation strategy is to promote interdisciplinary and cross-departmental and -divisional research, i.e., collaborations at the boundaries of disciplines or research requiring input from scientists, clinicians, and/or educators in diverse disciplines. Problems in biology, medicine, and education today are often so complex that such approaches are necessary to tackle them successfully. Often novel insights emerge only when you juxtapose individuals with deep but disparate expertise around a common goal. Award details

SOM Imagine, Innovate, and Impact (I³) Emory GCMI Research Awards: Due 5:00 pm on October 24, 2023

RFP Details: I³ Emory GCMI Research Awards RFP

The Dean of the Emory School of Medicine (SOM) in partnership with the Global Center for Medical Innovation (GCMI) are soliciting proposals that will accelerate the translation of scientific discoveries to health benefits through collaborations between Emory and GCMI. The awards will be administered through the Emory SOM Imagine, Innovate, and Impact (I3) awards program with funding support provided by the Emory SOM and GCMI.

• I³ GCMI Research Awards: These collaborative awards are intended to spark synergistic interactions among investigators from Emory SOM with GCMI. Proposals are intended to improve patient care by more effectively and efficiently developing and commercializing devices and products through preclinical and product development services including, but not limited to, Phase 0/early-stage feasibility assessments, design and development, clinical trial support, and proof-of-concept/feasibility preclinical testing. Particularly creative ideas, even without preliminary data, will be considered provided feasibility is demonstrated. Collaborations with the Global Center for Medical Innovation are required.

Bridge Funding Program 

Applications are Due April 15 and December 15

To assist investigators who have temporarily lost significant federal research funding, and to facilitate carefully planned changes in research direction, the School of Medicine offers a Bridge Funding Program. Bridge funding up to $100,000 (including Department support/matching funds) will be available to investigators based on merit, potential for renewal of external funding, and availability of SOM funds. View eligibility criteria and application details. 

Emory Medical Care Foundation

The Emory Medical Care Foundation (EMCF) offers two different types of grants: research grants and service, education, and advocacy grants. Proposals are due on February 1, June 1, and October 1 annually. View eligibility criteria and application details

The Office of Foundation Relations (OFR)

The Office of Foundation Relations (OFR) team builds partnerships across Emory's schools and units to increase foundation support for Emory University where mutual impact, interests and strengths align. OFR raises the faculty profile with foundations by submitting thoughtful, strategic proposals and building strong, reciprocal relationships with funders. In addition to providing helpful insight about foundations and their grantmaking processes, OFR serves as an advocate for Emory faculty with potential funders. For additional information, please email the team at EMORYOFR@LISTSERV.CC.EMORY.EDU.

WHSC Synergy Awards

The Woodruff Health Sciences Center (WHSC) regularly announces cycles of the WHSC Synergy Awards to support new collaborative projects between the schools, centers, and faculty of the WHSC. The awards support the WHSC Strategic Plan by bringing researchers together across organizational boundaries in order to catalyze innovation and discovery.

Many Research Centers also offer pilot award programs.