Department of Human Genetics

Examples of PAST Focus Internship Opportunities*

*Assignments are based on student interest, availability, and mentor preferences through a matching process.

Public Health Emphasis

  • CDC - Muscular Dystrophy Surveillance, Tracking and Research Network
  • State Newborn Screening Lab - Evaluation of screening methods for congenital hypothyroidism
  • CDC - Laboratory Research and Evaluation Branch: Genetic testing and the electronic health record
  • GA Dept. Public Health - Breast Cancer Genomics Education, Surveillance and Policy Program
  • Southeast Regional Genetics Group - Development of a newborn screening patient registry
  • CDC Office of Public Health Genomics – Implementing evidence-based cardiovascular genomic testing and family health history applications in public health and healthcare settings.

Clinical Genetics Practice/Research Emphasis

  • Emory Lysosomal Disease Program
    • Incidence of Pompe Disease among individuals in a targeted neurology population
    • Pregnancy complications in women with Fabry disease 
    • Use of online social networking among individuals with Fabry & Gaucher disease
  • Geisinger Health System -  Impact of prenatal microarray testing
  • Emory - Evaluation of long-term outcomes in individuals with Duarte galactosemia
  • Emory Dept of Neurology - Familial dystonia biorepository and natural history study
  • Emory Autism Center - Genetic evaluation of adults with an autism spectrum disorder
  • Atlanta Jewish Disease Screen - Comparison of face-to-face counseling with an online education module
  • Wellstar Kennestone Hospital - Identification and recontact of cancer genetics patients eligible for nextgen testing
  • Emory Cystic Fibrosis Clinic - Evaluation of genetics knowledge among teens with cf
  • Fragile X Clinic - Development and implementation of a method to communicate information about the risk of premature ovarian insufficiency to mothers of children with fragile x syndrome
  • CHOA Turner Syndrome Clinic - Does genetic counseling influence a family’s psychosocial adjustment to the diagnosis of Turner syndrome and their knowledge of correct medical care?
  • Emory Genetic Opthalmology Clinic – Identification of past patients with retinoblastoma and facilitation of genetic counseling and testing of proband and at-risk family members
  • Skeletal Dysplasia Clinic - Limb Deficiencies: phenotype and inheritance patterns

Clinical Genetics Laboratory Practice/Counseling Emphasis

  • International Standards for Cytogenomic Arrays Consortium - Collection of phenotypic data associated with clinical CMA testing
  • Emory Genetics Laboratory - Development of a web-based tool for targeted gene selection in multi-gene panels
  • Emory Genetics Laboratory - Clinical/biochemical information on patients undergoing molecular testing for Metabolic Conditions Identified in Newborn Screening
  • Winship Cancer Institute - Evaluation and beta-testing of clinical software tools for interpretation of cancer genome sequencing
  • Emory School of Public Health - 3q29 Deletion Registry: Impact of diagnosis on Caregivers of patients affected by 3q29 deletions

Activities that students are involved in during their internships*

  • Performing literature reviews/summaries
  • Research subject education and consenting
  • Data collection, entry and review
  • Family history collection and pedigree program entry
  • Assistance with patient follow-up
  • Chart reviews and data abstraction
  • Development of patient or provider educational materials
  • Lay/public and provider presentations
  • Assistance with laboratory procedures, report writing, provider contact
  • Survey development
  • Developing and submitting meeting abstracts
  • Creation of condition-specific counseling materials, sample patient/provider letters
  • IRB Protocol development/submission
  • Project coordinator activities
  • Conducting phone/in-person interviews
  • Providing basic genetic counseling/education
  • Creating PowerPoint presentations
  • Database/resource searching
  • Attending standing personnel meetings
  • Attending regional or national meetings related to their focus project

*Not inclusive