Department of Human Genetics

Outreach and Pipeline

Charge: Increase the enrollment and retention of trainees in DOHG and at Emory who are currently underrepresented in human genetics and biomedical science. 

Subcommittee Co-Leaders: Janise Kuehner and Steven Sloan

Subcommittee Members: Emily Allen and Kimberly Diaz Perez


  1. Facilitate having more faculty apply for NIH Diversity Supplements
  2. Engage pre-graduate level students of color (high school, college) interested in gaining research experience in genetics


  1. Generated resources (information and infographic) for the Department to encourage NIH Diversity Supplement applications.
  2. Held department discussion regarding these materials and tools to help faculty bring diverse students into the research environment.
  3. Connected with Emory-wide high school and undergraduate level programs to build a pipeline of students from URM backgrounds to be paired with labs within the DOHG for research opportunities.
  4. Developing paid summer high school internship program for local URM students to get introduced to human genetics and medical research.