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The Interview at Emory PA Program


The interview is conducted in a small group format, Interviewers are Emory PA faculty, community PAs or Physicians, and other Program-affiliated individuals. Typically, a clinical phase student also participates in the interview process. Much of the day is devoted to allowing the applicants an opportunity to learn more about the Emory program, in an effort to assure a good match between the Program and the applicant. The interview day begins at 8:00 a.m., and runs until late afternoon. There is time to interact with current students, and tour of the Emory School of Medicine campus facilities.

A typical interview day:

7:15 am - Parking available in the Michael Street Parking Deck Visitor lot

7:30 am - Arrive at the PA Program Admissions Office in the 1462 Clifton Rd Building for check in and meet first year students

8:00 am - Introductions and PA Program Overview - PA Program Office, Suite 280

9:00 - 12:00 Group 1 - Interview; Group 2 Visit a Class; Group 3 – Writing sample, meet the Program Director – groups rotate every hour

12:00 - Lunch (provided) with current students

1:00 - Tour the School of Medicine and campus

2:30 - Financial aspects and wrap-up

3:00 - Optional individual Q/A session

Individuals will be contacted no later than 1 week to be offered a position in the incoming class, placed on the waiting list, or released from consideration. If an applicant is offered a position, they must respond within two weeks of the offer and deposit $1,000 that will be applied to their tuition. The candidate may request to be put on the waiting list, or they can withdraw from consideration.

Waiting list candidates will be ranked based on total points scored and offered positions after all interviews are completed at the end of the year. Those applicants from the waitlist who have been offered a position will have 2 weeks to accept and pay the $1000 deposit or decline.

Deferment - Students accepted into the Emory PA program may apply for a one year deferment by writing to the Director of Admissions before the beginning of orientation week. The Admissions Committee reviews the reasons and details of the request provided by the student. Each case will be reviewed by the Admissions Committee and decisions are made on an individual basis.

Students whose deferment request has been granted have to communicate with the Director Admissions no later than  April 1st to discuss requirements for readmission into the program. Those students not granted deferment must reapply to the program through CASPA to be considered for the class entering the following year.