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Voices of RECOVER Atlanta

Dr. Marjorie Roberts served as the National Community Engagement Member and locally as our Atlanta Patient Liaison. She leverages her voice as an advocate of Long COVID, sharing her personal experiences and speaking on behalf of those impacted by Long COVID.

“I was the voice for the voiceless. I knew so much was happening to myself and other people. I had to tell the world,” Dr. Roberts states regarding her support of the RECOVER Initiative. Her experiences are representative of so many living with Long COVID in that she has endured so many changes in her life since her diagnosis. Long COVID is real, impacting an estimate of millions of Americans. Dr. Roberts states, “COVID took over so many people’s lives and when I saw what has happening, I couldn’t just let that happen.”

When asked what advice she has for anyone living with Long COVID, Dr. Roberts states, “Don’t suffer in silence.” She also encourages seeking therapy for those in need of an outlet. Dr. Roberts has since stepped down from her position locally and nationally, but her voice remains an influence of RECOVER Atlanta’s mission.

What are you helping us learn?

What are the various forms of Long COVID and how are they related?

How long do symptoms last from Long COVID? Can there be effects later in life?

What effects does Long COVID have on other diseases or health problems?

What are the risk factors for developing Long COVID?

What effects do different COVID-19 virus variants or COVID-19 vaccines have on Long COVID?

What happens inside the body that leads to Long COVID?

What happens inside the body that protects some people from Long COIVD?

What types of treatments work best to treat or prevent Long COVID?