Doctor of Medicine Student Handbook

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The School of Medicine MD Student Handbook is a reference for medical students and others regarding the administrative policies, rules and regulations of Emory University and the Emory University School of Medicine. In addition, this Student Handbook contains policies and procedures for areas such as admissions, academic and professional standards, progress and promotion, financial aid, student organizations, disability insurance, academic and personal counseling, and student health.

The policies and procedures in place are to ensure student success and help students maintain the high academic and professional standards necessary to be a physician. The School of Medicine abides by and follows all University policies, except where noted. Part of being an excellent physician is always knowing expectations and ensuring those are met. These skills will continue to serve students well as they are required to obtain and maintain licensure, hospital privileges, credentialing, and beyond.  

Handbook Disclaimer

The policies and procedures appearing in the MD Student Handbook reflect the most current policies and procedures of the University and School of Medicine, but are subject to amendment and change without prior notice. EUSOM reserves the right to change policies, procedures, and programs. Minor changes will be posted directly to the Student Handbook. When major changes occur, a notification will be sent to all medical students.

It is the responsibility of each student enrolled in the Emory University School of Medicine to understand and abide by the regulations and policies within this handbook and within Emory University Publications.

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PART I: General Information

SECTION 1: Accreditation

SECTION 2: Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

SECTION 3: Emergency Preparedness

SECTION 4: MD Program

SECTION 5: Office of Medical Education and Student Affairs (OMESA)

Executive Associate Dean (EAD) for Medical Education and Student Affairs

OMESA Administrative Deans


Clinical Education

Emory Center for Experiential Learning (ExCEL)

Financial Aid

Medical Education

Multicultural Medical Student Affairs


Student Affairs and Enrollment Services

PART II: Matriculation

SECTION 1: Criminal Background Checks and Drug Testing

SECTION 2: Entering Medical Student Health and Immunization Requirements

SECTION 3: Student Agreements, Consents, and Releases

SECTION 4: Technical Requirements for Matriculation

PART III: Academic Standard, Policies and Procedures

SECTION 1: Attendance

SECTION 2: Absences

SECTION 3: Academic Integrity

Emory University School of Medicine Honor Code

The Medical Student Council on Honor

Student Representatives

Faculty Representatives

Leadership of the Honor Council - The Spring Elections

Procedures for Reporting Violations and Investigating Violations

The Hearing

Decision and Penalties

Decision of the Dean of the School of Medicine

Amendments to the Honor Code

SECTION 4: Student Records

SECTION 5: Accommodations

SECTION 6: Clinical Placement Reassignment and Schedule Changes

SECTION 7: Graduation Requirements for the MD Degree

SECTION 8: Honors

SECTION 9: Leaves/Interruption of Medical Education

SECTION 10: Medical Student Performance Evaluation (MSPE)

SECTION 11: National Standardized Examinations

SECTION 12: Progress and Promotions

Promotional Guidelines

Progress and Promotions Committees

Promotion in the Foundations Phase

Promotion in the Application, Discovery, and Translation Phases

Length of Time to Complete Degree

SECTION 13: Professional Conduct


Standards of Dress and Appearance

Use of Social Media

Emory University School of Medicine Conduct Code

Basic Expectations/Inherent Authority
Violations of the Law and This Code
Prohibited Conduct
Conduct Procedures
School of Medicine Conduct Committee
Hearing Procedures
Hearing Decisions
Notification and Retention of Records

SECTION 14: Registration, Cancellation, and Withdrawal

SECTION 15: Feedback to Students

SECTION 16: Student Assessment, Grading, and Grade Appeals

SECTION 17: Remediation

SECTION 18: Student Feedback of Courses, Clerkships and MD Program

PART IV: Other University and EUSOM Policies & Procedures

SECTION 1: Emory University Policies

Equal Opportunity and Discriminatory Harassment

Faculty, Staff and Student External Volunteer Guidelines

Child Abuse Reporting

Student Organization Recognition, Advising, Activity Fee, and Website

Missing Student Notification

Respect for Open Expression

Sexual Misconduct

Alcohol and Drug Abuse

Student Vehicle Use Policy

Student Complaints


Consensual Teacher - Student Relationships

Inclement Weather

Industry Relations

Involuntary Withdrawal of Student from EUSOM

Personal Recordings

Research Studies Involving School of Medicine Students as Subjects

Separation of Roles

Students as Chaperones

Students as Interpreters

Student Employment During the MD Program

Student Mistreatment

Use of School of Medicine Buildings

PART V: Costs and Financial Aid

SECTION 1: Costs of the MD Program

SECTION 2: Applying for Financial Aid

SECTION 3: Types of Financial Aid

SECTION 4: Maintaining Academic Eligibility for Financial Aid

SECTION 5: Financial Obligations for Graduation

SECTION 6: Tuition Refunds

SECTION 7: Financial Aid Resources and Helpful Links

PART VI: Student Wellness, Health and Other Resources

SECTION 1: Student Health

SECTION 2: Student Insurance

SECTION 3: Wellness and Well-Being

SECTION 4: Infection Control Protocols

SECTION 5: Academic Assistance

SECTION 6: Career Advising

SECTION 7: Other Resources

Parking and Transportation

Safety and Security

Student Life

Video Lecture Capture

PART VII: Library and Information Technology

SECTION 1: Information Technology Conditions of Use

SECTION 2: School of Medicine Information Technology Services (SOMITS)

SECTION 3: Smart Device Security

SECTION 4: Student Portal