Student Insurance


All students enrolled full-time in the Emory University School of Medicine are provided with group long-term disability insurance coverage. For the 2017-2018 academic year this coverage is provided by The Guardian Insurance Co., Inc. A summary of the plan and an electronic copy of the benefit booklet is distributed to students annually. Additional information concerning the plan is available by calling the plan administrator, Ms. Susan Gelber of InsMed Insurance Agency, Inc., 1-800-214- 7039. Seniors will be given 30 days after graduation to extend the policy if desired. Ms. Gelber, is also available by phone to discuss the options available to graduating seniors.


Students are covered by professional medical liability insurance any time they are enrolled in a clinical course for credit, observing or assisting in the provision of care under the supervision of Emory faculty, or under the supervision of faculty at other institutions as part of their Emory educational program.

This would include:

  • activities that are an official component of the curriculum, including required and elective courses
  • clinical activities that students may participate in, at the invitation of faculty, but which are not required as part of that faculty member’s SOM clinical duties
  • volunteer clinical activities supervised by Emory faculty (e.g. volunteer service at the Open Door Clinic)

At all times, students must be under supervision of faculty in performing clinical service, and the performance of such services must be within the scope of the supervisor’s training and certification.

Students who provide medical services outside the scope of the School of Medicine curriculum or with non-Emory faculty physicians are NOT covered by University liability insurance. Students are advised not to engage in such activities unless other liability coverage is provided for them.

Mandatory Health Insurance

Student Health insurance coverage for sickness, accidents and hospitalization is required of all Emory students. Coverage must be continuous from the date of enrollment until the date of graduation. View an overview of the Emory/Aetna Student Health Insurance Policy.

Students are automatically enrolled and charged for the Emory/Aetna Student Health Insurance Plan. The annual premium for the 2017-2018 academic year is $3,466 and is billed in two installments of $1,733 (once in the fall and again in the spring). There is no dependent coverage for domestic students; however, coverage is available to dependents of international students to satisfy vis requirements.

Students who have health insurance coverage through another carrier must complete an online waiver confirming that they have health insurance coverage that is comparable and meets Emory University waiver criteria. The Health Insurance Waiver site opens every spring prior to matriculation. After the online waiver has been completed, the charge for the Emory/Aetna Student Health Insurance Policy will reverse on the student’s university account.

Incoming MD (including MD/PhD students starting in July) must complete the waiver by the August date only, as those students start in the fall term. Beginning with students’ second year, the waiver process must be completed annually for EACH year they are enrolled at Emory. The fall waiver site opens late May, and the deadline is late August.

Maintaining health insurance coverage is a requirement for continued enrollment. Students are responsible for informing themselves of the current policy.

As a result of national healthcare reform, students may be eligible to remain on a parent's insurance plan until age 26. Contact your insurance carrier if you have questions about current federal or state law.

Last modified: 7/21/2017