Separation of Roles

Faculty and house staff members’ professional or personal roles, should not conflict with their roles as teachers and evaluators of students. Faculty and house staff members who have a professional, personal, or familial relationship to a student, including providing health services or psychiatric/psychological counseling, should not have any involvement in the academic assessment of that student.

All faculty and house staff members are required to recuse themselves of assessing a student with whom they have such a conflict. For any student assessment they complete, faculty and house staff must attest that no conflict exists.

Students must notify the Executive Associate Dean of Medical Education of any potential conflicts of interest in order to allow for changes in a resident or faculty teaching assignment. Students will be reassigned to a different faculty or house staff member for coursework and subsequent assessment. Any information provided to the Executive Associate Dean regarding potential conflicts will be treated as confidential.

Last modified: 7/28/2018

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